5 Fitness Routines That Will Enhance Your Exercise Results

We all hate it when we try to do something and we don’t get the results we are looking for. I mean, it is pretty demotivating to spend countless hours training and then ending up with nothing to show for it.

That is probably the reason why you are here, right? Do you want to find out what you can do to start getting serious results in the gym? Do you want to radically change your physique to the level where all your neighbors want to be your friends? 

If that is you then read on. We have prepared a comprehensive guide with the only five things you need to regularly do to enhance your fitness results. With these five things, you won’t need to waste your money on steroids or to waste your time at the gym trying too hard for nothing. 

Let’s get right into it. 

  1. You need to focus on high intensity 

Look you may be spending two or even two hours daily at the gym. However, how much of that time if effective gym time? How much of that time do you spend actually working out?

At the very least, you spend probably only spend about 60% of your time at the gym working out. The rest of the time you probably spend chatting up with people, taking selfies or just resting from your previous exercise. 

However, by doing your sets/ exercises with not more than 1 minute of rest in between, you will be able to put your body under maximum stress and give it the extra push it needs to grow. 

This kind of high-intensity training can also help you lose weight. It burns more fat than jogging. 

In short, by focusing on the high intensity you will be able to build mass and torch fat simultaneously to give yourself a wonderful physique.

  1. Utilize different exercises for the same muscle 

Imagine you are golf or tennis player. Almost every other day of your life you practice playing your sport. Perhaps you started doing it when you were a teenager. Guess what? The more you train the better you become. It becomes easy for you to golf or to play tennis.

The same thing occurs with training. When you continuously train the same muscle using the same exercise, it reaches a point when your body gets used to the exercises. So you may even add weights but your muscles won’t respond as powerfully as they did before. 

But you can freshen things up by using different training techniques. For instance, if you have only been building your chest utilizing the barbell bench pressing, you should consider the seated machine chest press, incline cable fly, the dumbbell press, and even dips to stimulate your pecs to grow more. 

This can enhance your results significantly. 

  1. Include a finisher

A finisher is basically the last exercise you do after you complete your actual set. 

Most of the time, finishers are focused on doing more reps with low weights. So if you’ve just finished bench pressing 100 kg. You could reduce the weight to 40 kg and bench press to failure. 

By ensuring that each muscle is trained to failure, you will force your body to grow so that it can cope with the added pressures you are putting on it. 

Finishers also get the heart pounding and can greatly increasing metabolism turning your body into an efficient fat burning machine. 

So whether your objective is to grow or to lose weight, your training schedule could always do with a finisher. 

  1. Consider using supplements 

Look, there are many people against supplements. This is because many people confuse supplements with steroids. 

However, supplements are not steroids. Quality supplements are usually made of natural plant ingredients that have been used for ages to enhance fitness.

So how will supplements help you enhance results? Well, in many different ways. Some supplements give you an extra boost of energy and endurance helping you to train more without tiring. Other supplements give your body the extra amino acids and proteins it needs to build muscle, while others elevate your body temperature and increase your metabolism that way, helping you burn fat in the process. 

Of course, there are also low-quality supplements on the market.

  1. Get enough rest 

Rest is not a fitness routine but you need it. You need plenty of it if you are to get as fit as you want to be. 

It is during rest that your muscles will heal. It is during rest that your body regains the strength and endurance to go again. So rest can greatly improve your results by helping your muscles grow. 

But without adequate rest you will be feeling drowsy, you won’t be as energetic as you can be, and you won’t have the strength to workout. 

Without rest, your body will also build up the levels of stress hormones in your system causing you to get depressed and to overeat. So lack of rest can make you gain weight which is probably not what you are going for right now. 

  1. Run about three to four times a week 

Whether you are planning to lose weight or to add a few pounds of muscle to your frame, running can really enhance your results. 

So running obviously helps you burn more calories as energy, which shows you can clearly lose weight by opting to run. 

Moreover, if you are growing your muscles, running can help you to tone your muscles and to further stretch and tone your muscles giving them a nice appearance. 


By following this tips, you will be able to grow or lose weight in no time. Just make sure you overhaul your training routine by factoring in these tips. They will also help you to stay healthy in the long run. 

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  1. Aaron Lal

    Thanks for sharing! The post is very informative and the list of fitness routines you have shared are great. The point you have mentioned consider supplements is although good, but it should not be taken without prescription. Else everything was very well written.


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