George Clooney doesn’t need much introduction. He has appeared in popular movies like the Oceans 11 trilogy and continues to dominate Hollywood. He is also the only actor who has been nominated for six Academy Awards in different categories!

In 2009 he was even included in Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World.” Simply put, George Clooney is a confident individual who can help you feel the same. 

George Clooney Quotes That Will Make You More Confident & Successful

“Failures are infinitely more instructive than successes.”― George Clooney

The more you fail the quicker you will succeed, as long as you learn from your mistakes. Too many people fear failure and end up never accomplishing anything.

But, if you have that attitude that failure is inevitable in some way, you are prepared for it in the future. Use your failures to learn, adapt, grow until you succeed.

George Clooney Quotes That Will Cultivate Confidence and Success

“You need to have flopped quite a few times to get a sense of how little any of it has to do with you.”― George Clooney Quotes

In business and life, flops or setbacks happen. Focus on giving any opportunity you get your best effort. If the project or team you are working on flops you will know you gave maximum effort.


“Anyone would be lying if they said they didn’t get lonely at times.”— George Clooney

Yes, even George Clooney feels lonely at times. But make sure to not confuse loneliness with spending time alone with your thoughts.

In today’s busy, social media filled world it’s never been more important to disconnect and check in with yourself. If you aren’t constantly checking in on yourself and your well being it is easy to burn out.

Spend time meditating, taking walks, and disconnecting from technology. The more you know yourself the easier you can turn your dreams into a reality.

George Clooney Quotes That Will Cultivate Confidence and Success

“As you get older and ease your way into being a character actor you have to be comfortable with where you are in life and career, and I’m very comfortable with what I’m doing – working on projects I’m proud of.” ― George Clooney

Whether you’re an actor, entrepreneur or employee, the more you know who you are the more enjoyment you will find in life. Once you become self-aware you can begin to learn what you’re good at, what you enjoy, and what you hate to do.

Once identified, spend your life working on the things that make you proud and that you enjoy working on.


“I’m kind of comfortable with getting older because it’s better than the other option, which is being dead. So I’ll take getting older.”— George Clooney

Getting older isn’t the end of the world, it’s part of life. Understand that you can control you how you look and feel by managing your fitness and attitude. The more you work on your mind and body the more you won’t care about aging.


“When you’re young you believe it when people tell you how good you are. And that’s the danger, you inhale. Everyone will tell you that you’re a genius, which you are not, and if you understand that, you win.”― George Clooney

Getting comfortable is a recipe for disaster. Stay committed and focused on what you are trying to achieve in your life.

Never settle for just being average.

George Clooney Quotes That Will Cultivate Confidence and Success

“I had to stop going to auditions thinking, ‘Oh, I hope they like me.’ I had to go in thinking I was the answer to their problem.” ― George Clooney Quotes

Confidence is an inside job. Grow your confidence and belief in yourself by keeping the little promises you make to yourself.

Done over time, you will become more confident and it will show externally to others.

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