Inky Johnson is one of my favorite motivational speakers of all time.

He’s someone that can help you believe that life is always happening for you and not to you.

While he’s an incredible motivational speaker, this wasn’t how he pictured his life going. Like so many other motivational speakers, he found his way to the stage through overcoming immense personal struggles.

In 2006, during a normal college football game, a routine tackle turned into a life-threatening injury. What transpired was a paralyzed right arm that ended his childhood dreams of becoming a professional instantly.

But, instead of thinking his life was over, he turned his life into a positive message for others. He wanted to help others not give up and show them how to keep moving forward, no matter what happens.

Now he’s a mentor, speaker, and helps people around the world. His videos will give you the inspiration to take action and accomplish your dreams. 

Here are some of the best Inky Johnson quotes to get you fired up.

“Redirection, pain, setbacks, shortcoming, highs, lows. They are all part of the process of success. Embrace it, respect it, and trust it.” – Inky Johnson

So many people want success without difficult times. With social media, it’s easy to see successful people and assume they made it there without struggles or setbacks. But it wasn’t, in fact, far from it.

Instead of wishing the journey will get easier, make a plan to get better. Become the person who can do the things you want to do and trust the process!

“The most important project you can work on is molding yourself into the person you want to become.” – Inky Johnson Quotes 

People look to the outside for answers but everything you need is inside of you. You just need to take 100% responsibility and accountability for your life.

To do the things you want to do in life, it’s about being that person. Imagine who your future self is and ask, “Would they do that?”

You have to become the person you want in your mind before you can create it into reality.

“Courage is the commitment to being without any guarantee of success.” – Inky Johnson

It takes courage to pursue your dreams. Most people live in a world where they’ve buried their dreams in the hopes of pleasing others. But this is no way to live your life.

Make courage one of your core values in life. Have it become your guiding force. While there isn’t any guarantee of success, you will never end up with regret.

8 Games From The NFL, When Disaster Struck.. Did Inky Johnson Just Give Up? Courage is the commitment to being without any guarantee of success.

Try to be better than the person you were yesterday.” – Inky Johnson Quotes

Let’s say you have a big problem, maybe you’re deep in debt or really overweight. Instead of trying to find a big solution, find a small action you can take today to make progress.

Big problems don’t’ need big solutions, they need constant work to move in the right direction. Each day, try to be a little better than yesterday.

“The longer it takes to happen, the more you’ll appreciate it when it finally does.” – Inky Johnson

Think back to a time you set a challenging goal. If it could happen in a day or week it probably wasn’t that rewarding. But compared with something that takes months, years or even decades, how great was the celebration?

Think about people who win the lottery. They squander the money because they didn’t earn it or appreciate it.  

So if your goal is taking longer than anticipated, hang in there. Once it happens, the celebration will be worth the wait.

Use these Inky Johnson quotes to start believing in yourself. Inky is proof that with the right belief and mentality, you can do anything you want in life.

Don’t let life get you down, turn adversity into your success.

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