Is it really possible to have a work-life balance? Or is it just a myth that isn’t possible if you’re striving for greatness?

Achieving work-life balance isn’t easy if you’re an ambitious person who wants to accomplish big goals in life.

At some level, there is give and take managing everything in your life. But if you’re hyper self-aware and control your time, you can achieve work-life balance.

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance: 4 Steps to Success

1. Prioritize Your Health

What you put in your body has a massive impact on your energy and motivation throughout the day. If you’re a highly motivated individual I’m sure you have a 1,000 things to do each day.

It’s easy to neglect your diet and exercise when you’re busy 13+ hours per day. But the better you feel, the more efficient you will become.

If you want to strive to achieve a work-life balance you need all the energy you can get. Focus on getting enough quality sleep, eating high-quality foods, and staying disciplined with exercise. 

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2. Change Your Physiology

Go to a Tony Robbins seminar and you’ll instantly learn the importance of changing your physiology, which is the way your body moves. Most people sit at a desk for 8+ hours, commute, and sit way too much. This isn’t what humans were designed to do.

You need to constantly focus on your physiology to increase your energy. Remember, without energy, it’s easy to let one area of your life slack and end up on the couch watching Netflix.

If you’re at an office job, get for a walk, stretch or sit a medicine ball at your desk. Get moving early and often to have the energy to do it all. 

3. Prioritize Self-Care

If you’re going to have a busy schedule it’s easy to think your motivation will carry you to the finish line each day. Sadly, motivation fades.

Oftentimes, if you’re striving for a work-life balance you’re focusing on everyone else’s needs. Your family, client, or business which makes it’s easy to forget about you!

You need to have 30-60 minutes of self-care each day. Otherwise, it’s so easy to burn out, get sick, lose motivation or quit something entirely.

I can’t recommend a morning routine enough. Find some rituals like meditation, reading, exercising or powerful morning motivational speeches.

You’ll have less stress, prioritize your own well being and feel better each day.

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4. Take More Breaks

I’m sure you think the last thing you’d read is that you should take breaks when looking for a work-life balance. But it’s true, sometimes you need a break to get energized.

Depending on the type of work you do, some of it requires a ton of mental energy. If this is the case, I recommend doing the hard stuff first thing in the morning when your brain is fresh from sleep.

Afterward, try to take breaks every 60-90 minutes. You can meditate for a few minutes, listen to music or go on a quick walk.

I like to set a timer, work for 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break. You can do this every 60,90 or 120 minutes. Much longer and I’m sure you’ll find yourself:

  • Unable to concentrate
  • Procrastinating
  • Getting sloppy with work

Add in more little breaks to get more energy.

Achieving Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrifices

Hopefully, these tips can help you find a better work-life balance. Remember that each day will have its own unique challenges so treat it as such. And don’t forget, you are the biggest priority in the equation.

Don’t neglect self-care on your journey to achieving greatness!

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