How To Build A Strong Female Only Business

Pursuing a business as a female entrepreneur is difficult in a business world of companies led by men. It’s a struggle to get your business idea taken seriously and it’s hard to have the confidence needed when it comes to meetings with clients and taking part in exhibitions. In fact, there are a number of barriers you have to cross when trying to make your company work. And when you add in trying to make a company work around your family life, it can get complicated. But it can happen, and you can have a successful business if you do have a great idea and have the confidence to make it work. Clare Major knows a thing or two about creating and running strong business built by women. Here are some tips she has provided on how to build a strong female only business.

Choose women with well-rounded skills

When it comes to building your strong female only workforce, you need to make sure you pick carefully when it comes to your team members. While it’s easy to hire a woman who’s excellent at web design or a woman who is skilled at accountancy, you really need to look at team players who can dip their hand in all sides of the business. That way, you know that if you were away from the office, you can feel confident that your business is in safe hands while you are away. You want someone who is passionate and as enthusiastic as you at making the business work. You don’t want a member of staff who is literally just there to make money and isn’t interested in the company. You want someone who loves the company and idea as much as you. Therefore, hire someone who has a well-rounded skill set who can take on many roles inside your business so that you can have a strong team who can jump into a different position depending on what the company needs at that current time.

Hire women who will make good team members

It’s so important that you pick women who you can work alongside to make your company work. While a person might be highly skilled in a role, to make your business a success, you need to enjoy working with them. In fact, to ensure you have a strong business, you need a good working relationship which will help your business to come along swimmingly. After all, working together well with help when it comes to meetings with clients and meeting deadlines. You can help each other out and guide each other when you need a second opinion. If you have a certain individual who is difficult to work with, it’s going to bring the team down and make for a poor team morale. Therefore, choose wisely for the sake of your business.

Arrange flexible hours that work around everyone

When you are building a strong female only business, you need to make sure you look at ways you can make the hours work for everyone. After all, it’s so important for the sake of morale to ensure everyone has a good work life balance. Therefore, you might want to look into flexible hours that will work for the women in your team. That way, they can have their time with the kids and then focus on work when they are at your company. Clare Major says in her biography that it’s important to give everyone the chance to work flexibly, “We work flexibly around the needs of the business and of our families.” By doing this, you can make sure they will stick around for the long-term and as Clare reveals, “I think we get the best out of our team this way.” After all, when they are at work, they will be able to concentrate fully on the job and won’t have to try to juggle everything if they are not restricted to a 9-5 job which is troublesome when it comes to bringing up a family.

Do invest in them

One of the best ways you can build a strong female only business is to make sure you spend time training them up properly. If you want them to stick around with your company for the long-term, invest in them. That might be sending them off a training session to ensure they will get the skill set they need to do well in your business. Or you might need to spend some time with them teaching the ropes. Spending time ensuring they are ready to take on their role will help you to get the best out of them and will ensure you have a strong team who can complete the job well. Make sure this is not just at the beginning, but as a long-term thing if you want them to stay at your company. As Clare says, “I give them a training budget & bi-monthly one to ones to ensure they are achieving business goals.” You can then watch them develop and grow at your company.

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