One thing almost everyone wants to do in 2019 is to get more done. And while resolutions rarely last, these productivity hacks can help you get more done than you thought possible.

Humans always want to do more and we live in a society where “doing more” is often rewarded. Instead of cranking out another energy drink or pulling more late nights, learn how to become more productive.

I’m confident if you follow these 7 productivity hacks you’ll have the most efficient year of your life.

7 Insanely Easy to Follow Strategies For Greater Productivity

Work on Stuff You Love

Have you ever noticed that when you’re doing work you love that time flies? But when you’re working on something you care less about time stands still?

If this sounds like how you spend a majority of your day, I recommend that you figure out how to spend more time doing what you love. That’s not to say quit your job and follow your passion tomorrow.

If you like your employer, try to find a new role, ask for a promotion or create your own. Or, if you’re over it, then leave! Go all in your passion to spend more time doing what you love.

FIND WORK YOU LOVE AND YOU WON‘T WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE 7 Insanely Easy Productivity Hacks That'll 10X Your Effectiveness

Turn Your Phone on Airplane Mode

Social media, texts, emails, and every other notification make it nearly impossible to get work done in a timely fashion. If you want to do more, simply put your phone in airplane mode and out of sight. The less you’re on your device, the more you’ll get done and the more you’ll realize it doesn’t control you!

Do the Hard Stuff First

Sometimes it’s hard to get momentum if you have 5-10 things you need to accomplish in a day. If this is the case, I recommend doing the hard stuff first. Knock down the big domino to create momentum for the rest of your tasks.

Plus, if the rest of the day gets busy you completed the biggest tasks of the day!

7 Insanely Easy Productivity Hacks That'll 10X Your Effectiveness EITHER YOU RUN THE DAY OR THE DAY RUNS YOU jim rohn quote

Minimize Meetings As Much as Possible

Let’s face it, most corporate meetings last about 10x longer than they need too. Try to minimize your time spend in meetings so you can focus on getting more work done. If you’re running meetings, try to shorten them and get people out of the boredom.

Declutter Your Home and Workspace

Have you ever noticed when your desk or home is a mess you feel the same? I know personally that the cleaner and less clutter, the better I feel. To get more done, clean up the house or desk to make it tidy.

Decluttering makes it easy to find clarity and get more done in less time.

7 Insanely Easy Productivity Hacks That'll 10X Your Effectiveness The clearer your vision, the stronger your intent.

Minimize Your Information

Another easy productivity hack to getting more done is commit to doing, reading, or consuming less. Don’t read 12 websites every day or subscribe to 20 email lists. That clutter I was referring too in the previous hack happens with technology as well.

Minimize all of your content or have set times where you check email or social media instead of looking all day every day.

Wake Up Early & Crush Your Mornings

If you want to get more done, wake up earlier. It’s simple but it’s true. You have to maximize your time awake so you can accomplish more tasks.

Once you’re up, look to win each morning. If you can spend time on self-care and get the hardest thing done, you’re well on your way to an epic day.

Hopefully, these productivity hacks will help you get more done in 2019. Remember, less is more. Once you stop trying to do everything, then you can do anything.

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