Attaining a successful career requires a combination of devotion, determination and self discipline in equal measure.

You may feel that starting the day with such a strong spirit can be a challenge.

We look at 5 simple tips you can adopt as part of your daily routine to set yourself up for success.

Ignore Any Digital Devices – Daily Routine For Success

It’s most certain that we are all guilty of this. We are tempted to instantly check our phone when we wake up. I am sure that the feeling may be overpowering, but try to resist. Make sure to spend at least ten, fifteen minutes in the morning where you don’t engage with your mobile phone or any other digital device; instead, try to plan out the different tasks of the day.

Mobiles are undeniably a major distraction and potential cause of a shot attention span. This is due to the fact that we have a vast amount of options to interact with including gaming apps, messaging apps, social networking, and internet browsing, among others. Even though you may be fighting against a huge overload of information and small digital activities, focus your energy on other activities around the house.

5 Tips You Must Include In Your Daily Routine For Success

Get The Heart Pumping Early – Daily Routine For Success

Exercise and any kind of physical activity is one of the best ways to start your day. Include 30 to 60 minutes of exercise in your morning routine and you will soon realise that exercise helps raise your energy levels making you more productive for the rest of the day.

Independent of your current fitness levels, you could feel the benefits of exercise through a long walk, cycling, jogging, weight training or active yoga sessions. The reason exercise is more impactful in the morning since it kick starts your metabolism earlier, helps you burn more calories and helps eliminate brain fog.

Many successful professionals exercise regularly to reduce their stress levels, improve their concentration levels, and even increase their learning process.

If you need motivation to push yourself in the gym check out Fearless Motivation’s Spotify playlist.

Look Great – Daily Routine For Success

Feeling good about yourself will give you a great physiological boost and essentially further increase your self confidence. So ensure that you start your day by wearing something that will make a positive impact and make you feel self-assured.

Selecting the right clothes and accessories for work will show signs of power, authority and confidence. Whether it’s a formal or casual business dressing, make sure to pick something that makes you feel like you control your own destiny.

A big part of looking great is feeling great, so improve your diet and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Before you know it you will feel like a new person and begin to take control of your life with a new level of self respect.

5 Tips You Must Include In Your Daily Routine For Success

Plan Your Day – Daily Routine For Success

Make sure to plan and prioritise the different tasks of the day, whether those are business tasks or simply home chores. You can do this by noting them down in a diary, create detailed spreadsheets or even use a time tracking or project management app.

Having documented your daily tasks will help you to easily prioritise the most important ones, stay ahead of workload and be punctual when it comes to meetings and follow-up actions. Thinking about an unstructured and large number of tasks to go through may make you feel overwhelmed, which will in turn lead to increased stress levels and poor performance.

You will be able to work through every single task on the list, have a clear set of goals and effectively repel distractions. Since your day will seem more goal-oriented, you will be able to complete the different tasks easier, increase your time efficiency and essentially, work smarter.

Have A Healthy Breakfast – Daily Routine For Success

I am sure you have heard about this one so many times. Well, it’s true – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy and nutritious meal soon after you wake up involves a great number of health benefits.

From boosting your metabolic rate to delivering the energy you need to meet the professional requirements of the day, breakfast should be the foundation of your mornings.
Your breakfast would need to include sufficient levels of energy to meet the different needs of the day and relevant activities.

If you exercise before work, make sure to include an equal amount of protein and high glycemic index carbohydrates in your post exercise meal in order to recover spent energy and feel like you can take on the world! For all other meals you need equal amount of protein and low glycemic index carbohydrates. You only get one life so take your health seriously, because the best investment you can make is in yourself.

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  1. Marina

    I agree that routines play an important part in productivity rise.

    For instance, proper morning routine helps to boost the day from the beginning. Constant sleep schedule, early walk and exercises, healthy breakfast and perhaps a meditation – all of this gives us energy and positive attitude towards the day.


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