Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m guessing you’ve heard of the high-performance coach and author Ed Mylett.

He’s got one of the best Instagram accounts to follow and has made it his mission to inspire the world with his actions and content. As he’s already worth $400 million, that he’s made through his financial business, he’s solely putting out content to help people succeed.

Even his book, #Maxout Your Life, is only $10 for shipping. He’s not in the self-improvement space for money, he’s here to bring others up in the world.

Here are the three biggest lessons from his book to help you dominate life.

Ed Mylett: 3 Ways to Max Out Your Life

1. Max Out Your Morning

As Tim Ferriss said, “If you win the morning, you win the day.” High-performance Ed Mylett agrees entirely. One of his first tips in the book is to start creating a morning routine that sets you up for success.

As you can’t always control the middle of your day, you can always control the beginning and end. Most people lose control of their day within the first ten minutes because of hitting the snooze, browsing social media, and not having any real structure.

Instead of reacting, you should start taking control of your day as soon as you wake up. Here’s how Ed structures his morning rituals:

  • Wakes up early – starts each day between 4:30-5 am
  • Hydrates with at least 16 oz of water
  • Takes a cold shower with breathing exercises
  • Spends time meditating or praying
  • Sets his intentions for the day
  • Exercises for at least 60 minutes


2. Max Out Your Mind

Ed goes in depth about the power of the mind in his book. He says that if you want real change, you must first change what you’re thinking about.

As he says, “Your subconscious thoughts are always trying to prove you right. Change 10% of your thoughts and you can dramatically change your life.”

Here’s what he recommends doing to upgrade your mindset:

  • Focus on your beliefs. Make sure you are always thinking and believing the thoughts that will help you get further in life and business.
  • Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. As he said, “Your obsessions become your possessions.”
  • Think of life happening for you, not to you. Instead of thinking the world is out to get you, reframe every challenge as a way to learn, grow, and evolve.
  • Stay blissfully dissatisfied. Spend 80% of your time being grateful for everything in your life to appreciate and attract more. But spend 20% of the time expecting more from yourself to reach higher levels of success.

Ed Mylett: How To MAX OUT Every Area of Your Life Your subconscious thoughts are always trying to prove you right. Change 10% of your thoughts and you can dramatically change your life.

3. Max Out Your Body

If you’ve seen any pictures of Ed you know this guy is a machine when it comes to never skipping a workout. He’s committed to fitness because he understands its more than just health, it’s creating the habit of discipline.

As Ed said, “Keeping a healthy physical routine is one more way you are keeping a promise to yourself. It’s a daily validation that you are worthy and value yourself enough to keep your promises to you.”

Here’s what he recommends doing to get into amazing shape:

  • Hire a trainer or get an accountability buddy.
  • Follow inspiring social media accounts to keep you motivated
  • Eat healthy as you can’t out exercise a bad diet
  • Train in the morning to not skip it later
  • Listen to music to stay motivated and inspired
  • Measure your workouts and diet

Hopefully, you can max out these three areas of your life with Ed’s tips. Remember, success is all interconnected.

If you have better thoughts you’re going to have better days and moods. If you have better health, you’re going to have more energy for your business.

Like Ed said, “Now is the time to become the person you were destined to be. The ultimate max out version of you!”

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  1. Debbie

    Lol, I guess in your mind, I live under a rock! I have never heard of you. In my world, I live in my home.

  2. Aaron

    In one of his podcast episodes, Ed mentions the questions he asks himself as part of his daily routine every morning and every evening, but I can’t remember the episode or find it online. Do you know what they are or where I can find them?


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