Let’s face it, we all get mad when people in our lives make stupid mistakes. Whether it’s at home, the office or even complete strangers.

We all mistakes.. However it’s often much easier to point out the mistakes of others, than mistakes of our own doing.

What’s worse is when ‘smart people’ make stupid mistakes. If you’re in the ‘smart’ category it can be super embarrassing when you make stupid mistakes in public.

Recently, I was reading an article on The Knowledge Project, about why people actually make these dumb mistakes in life..

Why Smart People Make Stupid Mistakes

According to the research, people, make mistakes primarily because of these 7 reasons:

  1. Stress
  2. Rushing or urgency
  3. Too much information
  4. Concerned with fitting in
  5. Fixed on a specific outcome
  6. Being outside the comfort zone
  7. Being in the presence of an “authority”  

Learning how to minimize each of them, will have you performing at a much higher level.

1. Stress

We’ve all been there. If you’re stressed it’s easy to make mistakes.

To help reduce these mistakes spend some time meditating, creating a set of morning rituals so that you can plan your day more effectively and do some deep breathing exercises.

Less stress will help you make fewer dumb mistakes but it’ll also help you live longer as cortisol is released when you’re stressed.

Remember, less stress equals a longer life!

Why Smart People Make Stupid Mistakes & What To Do Differently It‘s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.

2. Rushing

Think back to the last time you went rushing out the door trying to make it to work on time. It’s really easy to leave your notes for your work presentation, or forget to bring your lunch.

Minimize rushing by making sure you’re getting up earlier, creating a schedule, and maximizing the time you get each morning. Rush less to do more.

3. Too Much Information

We’re bombarded with information everywhere we go.

There’s never been more information on every single subject, ever.

But sometimes, too much information makes life harder rather than easier.

Instead of looking for another book or another how-to guide, filter out the information coming in and focus on your most important task each day, smash that out and the rest of the day is downhill.

4. Concerned With Fitting In

Most people want to fit in and be accepted by others too much.

Instead, be bold enough to be yourself, not only will you attract the right people into your life you’ll be much happier.

Why Smart People Make Stupid Mistakes & What To Do Differently How can you stand out, when you‘re working so hard to fit in.

5. Fixed on a Specific Outcome

Sometimes we want very specific results. And when something else happens we get flustered and make stupid mistakes.

Don’t be so concerned with the outcome and instead, focus on getting it right. Even if the outcome isn’t as originally desired.

6. Being Outside Your Comfort Zone

Almost always you have to leave your comfort zone for growth.

But if you find yourself doing it too frequently and not being confident with your skills, mistakes are bound to happen.

While you shouldn’t avoid the comfort zone, make sure you are prepared for every eventuality, each time you do do something outside you zone.

7. Being in the Presence of an “Authority”  

The easiest example is having a cop car following you on the road. It’s natural for people to make stupid mistakes that they wouldn’t normally make.

Quit letting “authority figures” bother you. Take a deep breath, relax and I’m confident you’ll avoid making a stupid mistake that could cost you. Remind yourself of everything you’ve overcome so far to even get to this point. This is nothing.

Remember, making mistakes is part of life. Don’t beat yourself up, if you find yourself making the occasional mistake. It’s a human trait that every single person possesses.

But if you find yourself making them a habit, try to identify if one of these seven causes is the reason. Then work on eliminating it from your life for more consistency.

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