Do not quit now. All your work will go to waste.

Breakthrough – Motivational Video

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Today I encourage you to keep fighting for that dream you have. To keep going, no matter the challenges you face.

It may seem impossible. It may feel like you can’t go on. But it will never happen if you quit.

If you keep going, have faith, you may be closer than you think.

Legendary pilot Chuck Yeager was the first person to break through the sound barrier.
 As soon as he’d accomplished that a reporter asked him what it felt like to break through the sound barrier…

He replied: ”Just before you break through the sound barrier is when the cockpit shakes the most.” And I am telling you, That is true for everyone and every-thing you want in life. Just before you are about to make a breakthrough is when you will be tested the most.

Your dream may be within reach… DO NOT be discouraged now.

If you quit now, what have you even been fighting for? It will all go to waste.

I need you to summon all the energy you have. All the faith you have. All the belief you have. All the power you have within you. And I need you to KEEP FIGHTING.

Let that cockpit shake. Hold on tight and look straight ahead. Stare down your goal and keep going until you arrive! Until you arrive at the destination you intend to go!

The storms have been around for a long time. Stay in the eye of the storm.
 KNOW they will pass,
 and KNOW the sun will shine.

HAVE FAITH everything will work out in the end.
 It usually does!

BELIEVE in your own strength.
 The strength inside that heart of yours.
 YOU DO have what it takes to KEEP GOING
 and you WILL get that breakthrough
… but ONLY if you keep going.

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