If you’re after a GREAT life… you must have a GREAT morning routine. Try this one.

This Morning Routine Will Change Your Life: If You Do It Every Single Day

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Transcript – MORNING ROUTINE – Motivational Video | Fearless Motivation

If you want a REALLY GREAT LIFE… it starts first thing in the morning.
 It starts… with INTENTION… the moment you open your eyes.


If you want a better quality life… if you never want to feel like this again, you must make time for yourself, every morning.

Here’s 4 things you should do every day, every single day, first thing in the morning. No excuses.

Get up 30-60 minutes earlier if you have to, and make sure you get this done, as a PRIORITY over everything else in your life – EVERY-THING.

morning routine will change

Number 1. Gratitude.


I guarantee you, if you do this alone – EVERY DAY – It will change your life, it will change how you feel about everything in your life.
 Spend 5 – 15 minutes every morning, writing down, at minimum, 3 things you are extremely grateful for, right now in your life.

It could be 3 things, that if you were to lose, you’d do anything to get back.

It could be to do with your family, your eyesight, the opportunities you have simply by being in this country, even to be thankful for low moments, that have made you who you are today, made you stronger… your health, whatever it is right it down (it is important you write it, not just think it)

Write it and FEEL how grateful you are for those things. One by one.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, write down whatever comes through you naturally.

It will be different every day, and that is good.
Do this every morning BEFORE you start your day, and then be consciously on the lookout throughout the day of things you can write down for tomorrow.

Number 2. Meditation.

If you haven’t done this before you will need to be patient.

It might not be easy right away, but it will be very beneficial long-term. Aim for 10-20 minutes, at least once in the morning if you can…

The benefits of meditation have been well documented, including stress and anxiety release, more clarity and mood control.



Every day, listen to something that is going to help you take ACTION toward the person you want to become.

The person you will be in the future. Whoever that is.

Who do you want to be for you family? What example do you want to set? Who do you want to be for YOU?

So you can look in the mirror and be proud, because you know this person was made by you. Your work.

Number 4. Exercise and Nutrition.

You don’t need a gym-membership to exercise and there are NO EXCUSES. Either you want to be healthy and fit (and set an example in the process) or you value other things more.

There’s plenty of free exercise videos on YouTube you can do at home, you can run, you can do a lot of things… and you can get a really good workout done in 30 minutes a day.

Nutrition is your FUEL – and you should look at it, with the view of… “this will either give me energy or drain it from me.”

LIFE is much easier if you are feeling healthy and energetic, and you’re only going to get that from making strong choices every day.

IMPORTANT: Most people will not do this.

Most people that do do this, will stop doing it as soon as a major situation like money for example, changes in their life.

Most people will end up in the same place in a few years… a few months… a few days.

Most people are not happy. Don’t be most people.

Make this a priority in your life… and IMPORTANT: Just be present and pay conscious attention to how you feel when you REALLY, whole heartedly do these processes with an open mind and heart.

IF you do miss a day, or one part of it, don’t beat yourself up, also pay attention to how you feel when you don’t do it, and get back on track.

You deserve this.

morning routine will change

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