The World Ain’t The Same Anymore (Motivational Video)

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Transcript – The World Ain’t The Same Anymore (Motivational Video)

If you want to know how to become successful… you’ve come to the right place… but… this is not your usual speech on “how to become successful”…
 because the times we are living in… they are absolutely DIFFERENT times.

What success meant for you 2 years ago might not be ANYTHING LIKE what success is for you today…
 If the world was the same as it was 2 years ago, all the same principles could apply… but guess what? The world ain’t the same anymore!

This world is very different to the world that existed 2 years ago.
There’s certainly more fear.
There’s definitely more division.
There’s absolutely less freedom.
There’s more hate. Less trust.
More lies. More uncertainty.
Some might say there’s less opportunity.
 Some might say there’s less integrity. 

Keeping all that in mind, while living in this very different environment…. if you keep doing the same things you were doing before, searching for the same thing, wanting and needing the same things to fulfill you… you’re going to be miserable.

Rather than be miserable… it is very important we raise the energy of this planet. You can at the very least raise the energy of those around you by how YOU show up every day. We can set the example for those around us – of what it looks like to live a GREAT LIFE… regardless of everything going on in the world today.

We need to ask ourselves…. what REALLY MATTERS TODAY?


HEALTH matters. Mental and Physical health.
 LOVE matters.
Personal INTEGRITY matters.
Your DIGNITY matters.
HAPPINESS matters.
PEACE matters.

If you don’t have these things you can’t be successful… really, you can’t.

If you have a million dollars… or a billion dollars, but you have no LOVE in your life… no great RELATIONSHIPS… NO HAPPINESS or PEACE… then really you have NOTHING.

If you have a Ferrari but no INTEGRITY, no DIGNITY… If you have 50 homes but you can’t live with the person you’ve become… then really you have nothing of any value.

Most people think money makes you successful. They wrongly believe that if they have money, wealth, fame or a position of power, they will be successful… but success is nothing more than a feeling.

You can feel successful with a little or a lot. So what you’re really chasing is a feeling, and no one can give that to you but yourself. Nothing will “make you” successful. Only your own thoughts can do that. That is why you see millionaire and billionaires who never have enough… they always want more… because money can never fill holes in your heart… voids in your soul and spirit. Only you can fill those voids, by changing how you feel about yourself and what “success” means to you.

So, what does it mean to you?

Maybe instead of a certain amount of money, your new definition of success will simply be doing something YOU LOVE every day.
 Imagine how much better you will feel, if, instead of doing something you hate every day, you replace it for something you LOVE… even if initially there is less money involved.

Maybe success for you is improving relationships with people you care about. Surrounding yourself with people more suited to you. People that feel better to be around.

Maybe now success is going to be you spending LESS time working and MORE TIME with people you love.

Maybe now success will mean you focusing on your mental and physical health more. MORE exercise, MORE quality foods, MORE education on what it takes to be in peak physical condition.

Maybe now success means personal INTEGRITY… Doing the right thing. Not following the crowd if the crowd is wrong… living in integrity by doing what you know is right… always… not just when others are watching, but ALWAYS.

If you focus on the things that TRULY make you “SUCCESSFUL”… if you make these things your priority… the rest will fall in place…

If you refuse to give up when challenges appear… if you remember ALWAYS what really makes a successful human being and you don’t fall into the trap we all do at times… chasing money, or a position, or chasing SIGNIFICANCE… if you’re in it for the long term… then you WILL… I promise you, live an amazing life. A fulfilled life. A happy life.

I guess you have to question what is more important… happiness or significance?

We need to ask ourselves. what REALLY MATTERS TODAY?
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