How An Attitude of Gratitude Will Speed Up Your Success – Inspirational Speech by Fearless Soul

In this crazy world of material things and endless seeking of MORE, most of us forget to take time to be grateful for what we actually DO already have.
Tony Robbins once said “Success, without fulfilment is the ultimate failure” Developing an attitude of gratitude is essential to a fulfilled life and therefor a successful life.
The truth is gratitude has a compound effect in your life. The more you practise being grateful, the more in your life will show up for you to be grateful for.

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Lyrics – Gratitude – Inspirational Speech by Fearless Soul

When you get grateful for what you have now, you will soon have more to be grateful for …and it’s so true
When you send out those feelings of gratitude, what happens – you become instantaneously happy, in this moment.
When you are grateful and happy with life, as it stands today, so many more things will flow into your life to be happy and grateful for.
And the reverse is also true:
If you feel like there is nothing to be grateful for – what are you focused on? You’re focused on everything you don’t want, you are focused on everything you don’t have, and what do you then think you will attract into your experience? Exactly, more of what you don’t want.

Make it your mission to sit down every day and get grateful.
Get grateful for those 2 gifts you have called eyes, many aren’t so lucky.
Get grateful for the ears that can here this music, Get grateful for that person in your life that made a difference.
Be grateful that YOU have the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.
Get grateful for your tough times, because they helped develop your strength and spirit
Get grateful for YOUR LIFE.
There is SO MUCH to be grateful for.

There’s something to be said about being appreciative and grateful. Whether you’re thanking god, or life, or whether you’re looking to a person in your world and just saying thank you. There’s something really special about that.
I mean, there’s something very real about moments where you can just sit by yourself, and look at your life, and just say thank you. You know, thank you for this GIFT.
Thank you for this ride that i’m on, thank you for this JOURNEY.
And a lot of people go through their lives without experiencing the beauty of these moments.

Your life, although perhaps filled with many imperfections, is still an experience. It’s an experience that people in their final moments would do anything just to grasp onto for a little while longer.

As you hear this, there are people who are taking their final breaths. Taking their final breaths on this planet. Looking back at their lives and WISHING they could have done more.
Meanwhile, we have this experience, we are alive, we’re breathing air, our hearts are pumping, our brain is doing billions of operations per second, just to keep the game going for us.
We can’t find reasons to be GRATEFUL for that? We can’t, as human beings, be appreciative for that?

There’s an entire spectrum of life you are missing out on when you don’t take moments to just feel. Just feel!

Just create moments of gratitude within yourself, just for the sake of being appreciative. For the sake of being ALIVE. That alone will change your life.
That will make you human again. That will disconnect you from this game of consumerism and this dog-eat-dog world we’ve allegedly created.
That will disconnect you from the insanity of society and reconnect you with something greater than yourself.

And i don’t care what you call it, call it god, call it the universe, call it life or magic. When you begin to be appreciative for life, there is a certain power that will bring you even more reasons to be appreciative.
It’s one of life’s greatest paradoxes. When you are in a state of needing this and needing that, it doesn’t matter how much you acquire, you will never have enough.
But, when you have the COURAGE to be grateful for what you already have, life will bless you with even more.

You know, you can decide, in this moment, to give it up.
Give up the complaining, give up the blaming and the accusing. Give up the gossiping and the whining and instead realize you are on an incredible journey, and fall in love with every second of it.
That’s when you will truly come to life.

attitude of gratitude

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