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Brendon Burchard - Image via:

Brendon Burchard – Image via:

Who is Brendon Burchard?
Although Brendon has been around for many years, i personally only uncovered Brendon’s works very recently (I have been missing out)
I found his work through an ad on Youtube, placed by his company over a motivational video i was watching at the time.
Every time i see these ads i do what most do: SKIP > – But this time, i was hooked instantly.
It wasn’t a pushy sales type of hooked, it wasn’t sales like at all actually, it was his great ability to make you think, to get you motivated while still remaining a calm as a buddhist monk.
Brendon reminds me of a Spiritual version of Tony Robbins.
He has the power to motivate you to greatness, but does not need to raise his voice or get overly excited in doing so.

What i found strange about Brendon, is how he can possibly be a multimillionaire
He gives away almost all his work for FREE.
This is highly valuable product, many millions i assume would happily pay decent funds for this quality work.

Motivation Manifesto = FREE Paulo Coelho, author of THE ALCHEMIST says “I Love This Book”
The Charge Book = FREE Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive
The Millionaire Messenger = FREE – New York Times #1 Best Seller – How to share your advice with others and make a fortune in the process

But don’t feel too bad for Brendon, he is one of the highest paid and most followed success marketers in the world.

Brendon Burchard’s Facebook – 2 Million Fans
Brendon Burchard’s Youtube Channel – 180,000 Subscribers

His free content is clearly a very successful strategy to engage & capture millions of customers.
Giving away free valuable material = Building trust with customers = More subscribers, more customers, more word of mouth, more success.

Brendon is one of my favourite marketers & success coaches in the world. I highly recommend you check out his work today.

In this video Brendon shows you how to “Slow things down” enough to feel within yourself what is really important.
He explains you can reduce or eliminate stress, actually get more done and live a more fulfilled life by saying NO more often:

How to Overcome Fear by Brendon Burchard:

How Incredibly Successful People THINK – Video by Brendon Burchard:

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