Weight Loss Motivation: 11 Tips on How to Stick to Your Plan

Losing weight is a difficult path many have not had the strength to embark on. Being one of the most talked-about problems in the modern world, losing weight isn’t always easy, on of the reasons is that we tend to not have a strong enough reason to lose weight. Some of us need some major weight loss motivation!
Since you are reading this article you have overcome the greatest obstacle. You decided to make a change, this is the most important step.

It doesn’t really matter which weight loss program you follow, the biggest challenge is staying committed, staying motivated to make it a lifestyle change. If you don’t make it a lifestyle change, there may be the urge to (unconsciously) go back to your old ways after you reach your goal. With these 11 weight loss motivation tips you’ll be ready to not only go out there and finish your weight loss program, but also to make it stick for life.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Help You Stick to Your Plan:

1. Think of the reasons that made you start

Some start because of their health; some start because of pure aesthetics. Your motives are of course your own, but it is important to keep them in mind throughout this journey. Think hard, whatever made you into starting losing weight, the same will keep you going for more. A strong emotional reason is always best. Perhaps you started because of the lack of self confidence when you look in the mirror, or go to the beach. Perhaps you started because you want to feel energetic and vibrant again, and you can’t stand the feeling of being less than you know you are worth. Whatever the reason, write it down and make sure you think of it at any moment you might want to give up.

2. Fall in love with your body

Weight loss motivation - take care of yourself

If you begin to think about your body as a mere vessel or just a machine designed to keep you upright, you might start to wonder if it is all worth it. This may sound like a cliché, but your body is your temple. Serve it with respect and you will find yourself capable of more than just running or lifting weights.

3. Friends

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Well, of course, I need my friends, this is no actual tip.” Yes, you are probably using your friends as support already, but have you tried including them further? Let a friend be your alarm, your workout buddy or simply someone to cheer for you. You could go a long way if you are not going alone.

4. Keep track of your resultsWeight-loss motivation - keep track of small daily improvements

This is actually motivation 101. Make regular notes about any progress you have made so far (or any lack thereof) and be sure to keep it tidy and readable. Keeping track will not only get you more organized but will also serve as a tool for periodic milestones.

5. Exercise responsibly

If your weight loss plan involves exercising, and I might I add it very well should, it is not something that should be taken lightly. Poor exercising can lead to unsatisfying results, and what’s even more dangerous, it could lead to injuries. After making every mistake in the book, I’ve learned some significant lessons about training.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others

Weight Loss Motivation - Don't compare to others

Getting your body in shape is your own task and no one else’s. Don’t make the mistake of wallowing over pictures in magazines that depict professional models. Sure, the pictures could be a form of motivation, but remember that you are actually competing against a version of yourself that you didn’t like.

7. Consult a professional

A lot of information about losing weight can be found online and in magazines. The Internet and the articles are a freat way to broaden your search for the perfect weight loss technique but are in no way something that should be taken for granted. Consult a nutritionist and a physician if you plan on going on a diet the same way you would hire a professional trainer to show you the exercises.

8. Change your exercise routine

Losing weight is intended to be a difficult task, but that doesn’t mean it should be dull or boring at any moment. Especially when it comes to working out. If you would like to find ways of stepping up your routine, take a look at five ways of mixing it up and staying motivated.

9. Baby steps

Weight loss motivation - taking baby steps

Patience is a virtue that can be learned. Losing weight and getting yourself fit is not something that can be done in minutes. Do not get depressed if losing weight is not going as fast as you hoped. In more cases than not, steady progress is a sign that you are doing everything properly.

10. Embrace the journey, not just the end goal

When you are feeling under the weather because of the undeniable and unavoidable hardships of weight loss, bear in mind that it is all a part of your changing process. Don’t focus only on the lost pounds, or the lost inches in your hips. The healthy habits you will gain, and the strength that you’ll possess after rising to every challenge are the ultimate prizes your mind can get.

11. You can do it!

Weight loss motivation - you can do it

Believing in success is already half of the triumph. 

Have faith; you have it in you to go all the way!

If you need further weight loss motivation on your health and fitness journey, look no further!
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