In this day and age when we are living our lives in the fast lane, finding the time and motivation for daily exercising can be quite gruesome. Home workout is what most people opt for and not without a good reason. Gym memberships are often expensive and time-consuming,  going outside depends too much on the weather. Don’t worry. You can have a full workout in the comfort of your home.

The first thing I have to tell you about the home workout, especially without any equipment, is that it is only a basic form of exercising. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get results, only that home workout is not suitable for professional athletes. Think of it as a great way to stay fit and upgrade not only your body but also your quality of life.

Having a body like this is possible working out in your home.

Considering that most people that search for home workouts have only an hour at the most for exercising per day, the training program has to be concise and on the point. I have prepared six all-around exercises for you to do in your home, but before you start reading the list, there are some bases we need to cover.

First of all, take at least 10 minutes for a warm-up before you go ahead with any working out. Secondly, I have perceived this regime to be done in super series in pairs of two but with no break (in a single lap) until the sixth and final exercise is finished. As you grow stronger, just keep increasing the number of laps and feel free to introduce variations to existing exercises. Finally, don’t forget to add at least 5-10 minutes of stretching at the end of your home workout.

Now that we got the basics covered, let’s see these simple yet efficient exercises that don’t require any equipment.

Let’s start with the home workout:

1. Squats

We are going to start with a well-known exercise that focuses mainly on your lower body. I suggest a simple bodyweight squat with the arms spread in front of you for the beginners. If they are are done properly, squats have a significant effect on your thighs, glutes, as well as the lower back and core muscles. Start with 10 reps a set and scale as your progress.

2. Push-ups

Home-Workout---pushups do wonders for the body

In accordance with the super series regime I mentioned, the next exercise is concentrated on the opposing muscles. In this case, for the second exercise, we are going to focus on the upper body by doing push-ups. As you probably know, push-ups come in various forms, and you should choose a variation that fits your current form the best.

3. Wall Sitting

For the third exercise, I have elected to go back to the legs with this very simple home workout exercise. While leaning against a wall or any other hard vertical surface, bend your knees and try to endure as much as possible in this position. This is a powerful way to put heat into your quads.

4. Sit-ups

Home-Workout---Strong core is the foundation

With the summer just around the corner, I think you will agree that working on the abdomen is of extreme importance. Much like a push-up, doing a sit-up comes in a vast array of different ways. Not only should you change the exercises to increase difficulty, but also to avoid monotony in your training regime.

5. Lunges

Home-Workout---The perfect body is built by lunges

Lunges are an unavoidable activity in any basic training regime. Because of its popularity and introduction to almost all PE classes, this exercise is regularly done with virtually no focus. Therefore, it is done poorly. Keeping your back straight and minding the angles your knees are making is essential in doing a proper lunge. This exercise will tighten up your glutes and get you ready to hit the beaches in style.

6. Planking

Home-Workout---Planks will make you stronger

Again, it is all about the endurance and putting your muscles to the test. Planking is a famous exercise in which you lay horizontally on the floor with your forearms and toes being the only points that actually touch the floor. You should keep your body in parallel with the floor and after only a few seconds you the tension will swarm across your entire body. You can boost the effects by flexing your abdominal muscles and prolonging the time in this stance.

Before doing any of these exercises check with a medical professional if you are able to perform them all correctly. Some of these exercises can put a lot of strain on your joints, particularly knees and ankles. Exercise responsibly and don’t forget to take full, long breaths while working out.

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  1. Jessica

    Thanks so much Mike for this post ! Actually from a couple of days ago I have been looking for a workout method without equipment and luckily I found your post ! Thanks for your video which motivates me again.


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