Muscles. Gains. Inches. We always want more; we always need more. If you’re spending months in the gym trying to reach that weight, trying to reach that level of fitness that you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The pressure of the heavy loaded bar makes you moan, but with vigor in your heart and a painful grimace, you manage to lift it. Every ounce, every repetition counts, especially if you’re a skinny guy trying to add more muscle. We all know the truth – lifting hard is only half of the process. Muscles are built at the dining table. When you’re at that table, you’re either helping yourself and your muscles or not. It’s that simple. Some might not be aware, but the food is the one that makes us grow. Today I’m sharing some muscle building foods that will change the way you look and the digits on the scale as well.

You deserve to have those big pecs and a strong, muscular back. Still, you know how hard it is to gain a single pound of lean muscle, and you fight for it. But somewhere along the line, you aren’t satisfied. You know you can do better. Reach more. Have more. We all do, that’s why we are here in the first place. The food we’re consuming might be the key to our muscle gains. Here are the foods that you need to focus on every day if you want to build more muscle.

5 Muscle-Building Foods That Will Make You Grow:


Muscle Building Foods - beef

Some might dislike it, some might enjoy eating it, but one thing is the truth – beef is one of the best foods that boost muscle growth. Protein is the foundation of muscle building, and beef is the foundation of the meat protein. A lot of amino acids, B vitamin, iron, and natural creatine are found in beef meat. Beef is high-protein, low-calorie food, which makes it an excellent muscle-building meal for everyone trying to build muscle. 100 grams of beef equals 26 grams of protein. Some people don’t like the texture of the beef, because of the strong fibers inside. This is manageable by numerous ways you can prepare beef.

Chicken Breast

Muscle Building Foods- Chicken

For those who don’t like beef, chicken breast meat is the next logical choice. Not the same quality of protein like beef for sure, but still an excellent choice. Chicken breast meat is rich in protein and very easy to prepare, and that is the reason every discount in the meat section in the supermarket results in waiting lines full of muscular people. 100 grams of the skinless/boneless chicken breast contains 31 grams of protein. Prepare it in the oven, with baking paper and seasoning.


Muscle Building Foods - Salmon

Fish meat is among the highest-quality protein foods out there, and salmon is the highest quality among fish meat. We have a no-brainer here, as it is delicious, and it provides omega-3 fatty acids, protein of the highest quality, vitamins, minerals, and more. There is simply no reason not to eat salmon; look at Dwayne Johnson – The Rock – he eats two pounds of fish a day.


Muscle Building Foods - eggs

The source of the quality protein, easily digestible and delicious, eggs can be a great meal for the opening of the day. Despite some studies about their negative impact on the body, eggs are excellent if you’re trying to build muscle. Have in mind that one big egg averages 6 grams of protein – few eggs can make an excellent protein meal for every occasion. Try to prepare them with minimum oil (broil, cook them, or use the Teflon pan). My rule is, have at least 20 eggs in your fridge at any part of the week.


Muscle Building Foods - Nuts

High in calories, healthy fats, and protein, Nuts are perfect for skinny guys looking to build muscle mass. Easy to obtain, no need to prepare, just get them and have a quick snack, or blend them into your protein shake. Nuts are the well-known “secret” of building muscle for skinny people, or anyone who’s trying to gain weight.

Are you consuming these foods, and how much?

Share your diet plan with us, let’s see who has the biggest gains!

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