5 Reasons To Choose Experiences Over Things

Do you always wait for the launch of next iPhone?
If you are obsessed with gadgets, can you say the same about your relationships?
Would you trade your best memory for an expensive car?
Would you prefer to go to your grave with amazing memories shared with others, or knowing you once owned the best in technology?

Many people choose things over experiences. And they are not to blame. We live in a society where people always keep their smartphones within arm’s reach. But if we learn about what really matters, we can live a more fulfilled life.

Here are five concrete reasons you should choose experiences over things:

1. You Are Your Experiences

Materialistic things make us feel good but only for a short period of time. After that, they really don’t contribute much. On the other hand, our experiences shape who we are. The relationships we build with our friends, the night-outs, the camping, the classes you take together, the classes you bunk, the movies you watch, the vacations, every experience adds a meaningful chapter in the story of your life.

Think about it. People become stronger after they go to the gym for a couple months, they become smarter after reading books and their spirit blossoms after traveling to different parts of the world. These are experiences. And experiences end up becoming a part of you.

2. Materialistic Things Never Fulfill

The thing with things is that they can never satisfy you. There is no end with wanting more of the materialistic things in life. Once you own a small car, you’ll want a bigger one. Once you own the bigger one, you’ll want the Range Rover. Once you have the Range Rover, you’ll want a private jet. There’s no end to it.

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, says that the human tendency for adaptation is the enemy of happiness. We adapt to new things fairly quickly and when they lose their charm, we want better things. And this desire for more never ends.

choose experiences over things

3. Experiences Build Deeper Relationships

You buy things for yourself. But experiences, they are often shared with friends, family, or strangers who often become friends. This is why experiences become so important part of our lives. No one forgets the experiences they have had in school, college, or in a music class, perhaps where they talked to their crush. No one will trade those memories for the next best iPhone. So, if you want deeper relationships, choose experiences over things.

4. Things Make You Weak

The more you rely on things to make you happy, the more you are vulnerable to ups and downs in life. Because when a desire to have enormous wealth boosts your ego, it doesn’t strengthen your heart where the real strength comes from.

In fact, research done at the University of Illinois has proved that materialistic people have a tougher time dealing with setbacks than non-materialistic people. This is a surprising yet powerful reason you should choose experiences over things.

choose experiences over things

5. Memories Are Priceless

The truth of the matter is that you can never put a price on memories. So if you really want to be fulfilled, go skydiving, hitch-hiking, camping, fishing, mountain climbing. These experiences will make you unique and lighten up your soul. You will feel vibrant and in touch with the flow of life. 

And when you become old and look back, you’ll remember the golden times you spent having these experiences. Life is short, so better seize it with memories that will last a lifetime. 

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