Top 5 Fitness Motivation YouTube Channels

Although you see the desired results when proper work is executed and dedication is sweated into, a dose of motivation is a must to keep you on track towards your fitness goals.

Needless to say, there are many sources of motivation available online but we believe these top 5 fitness motivation YouTube channels can take you a step ahead every time.

Take your time to explore them and find out which one meets your demands.

Aesthetic World is one of the largest fitness and bodybuilding motivation YouTube channels with hundreds of motivational videos for your viewing pleasure. They upload some great fitness motivational videos daily that will keep you pumped throughout the week.

It’s a US-based channel on YouTube and has some top fitness models like Jeff Seid, Connor Murphy and David Lair featured there.

Turn yourself into a monster and achieve the aesthetic glory you’ve dreamt of. There’s plenty of watchable stuff that is tailored to keep you motivated, energetic and pumped all the time. This channel is bang-on with current trends and is updated daily.

There is a variety of stuff that you can watch to achieve your fitness goals; plenty of workout videos, Yoga guides, HIIT training, and everything you need to get in shape in no time. Make sure you subscribe to their channel to receive daily updates.

It’s one of the most popular female fitness motivation YouTube channels featuring easy-to-follow workout guides along with some hardcore training videos that will make your muscles scream. The channel updates every week with a couple of great motivational videos and training guides that are very useful for those looking to up the intensity in the gym.

Ultimate Fitness Motivation is an ideal place for beginners to explore the world of fitness. Their mind-boggling fitness models are a huge inspiration for every girl out there and the way they started their journey from zero to hero is highly motivating for everyone.

Live Fit motivation is another large channel on YouTube promoting aesthetics, perfection in symmetry & proportion, and injecting a dose of motivation into the newbies to get them going on their journey. With hundreds of published videos and new ones being published every week, you’ll learn how exercise and diet go hand-in-hand to fulfill your fitness goals.

They publish authentic information on nutrition, diet, fitness, training and health with plenty of free workout videos you can benefit from. Needless to say, their videos published time-to-time cater for all the fitness levels.

Another Fitness Motivation channel run by Jon Venus who is a top fitness athlete and a public figure, guiding and telling the world how to achieve greatness while staying fit and motivated all the time.

Venus himself started his career from the bottom and has shared his journey, tips and training guides on his YouTube channel. Jon publishes one or two videos every week but they offer pure value. Many of his videos focus on how to burn fat and maximize your gains, plus eating a healthy diet for ultimate fitness.  Subscribe and check out his videos.

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  1. Tariq Salah

    You should also add bad wolf Motivations, is a really good channel


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