How to Stay the Course In The Face of Overwhelming Odds

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”
— Sir Winston Churchill

Nothing worth keeping is EVER going to be easily attained. In fact, the moment you step out in faith to take the steps required towards the achievement of a worthwhile goal – standby, things are going to hit the fan. Big time.  The reason for this, I have to come believe; is because it is the universe’s way of testing your level of commitment.  It’s as if the universe wants to ascertain precisely how much you are willing endure before self-doubt kicks in.  How much rejection will you face off boldy without losing momentum? How many times will you sit at home alone and frustrated when all your best laid plans come crashing down? What is your threshold for suffering? Will you DIE for your WHY? I believe a man must be willing to peel back the facade of indestructibility and authentically surrender himself to the successful manifestation of his chief, definite aim in life – at ALL costs. It is better to die a doer than to lie down as a loser.

A Man must be precise, laser-focused and single-minded in his planning prior to the attempt! Improper previous planning will ensure piss poor performance.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Yes its true – no risk, no reward.  I get it.  However, I believe risk can and should be mitigated.  It can be strategically contained to a certain degree by engaging all of your senses creatively into understanding the problem you aim to solve.  Once this prep work is completed, the next step is to conduct a SIT-REP (situation report) of your current status.  Is your head clear? Are you emotionally ready for the possibility of failure? Are you physically healthy enough to undergo the arduous tasks required for mission completion? An ounce of self-awareness can prevent a ton of self-sabotage.

After completing this assessment of resources, a Man must now begin to decide IN ADVANCE – what price (emotional, physical, spiritual and financial) he is willing to pay for his goal. He must be clear on who, other than himself; benefits from the attainment of this goal. Who is counting on him not to quit? If he wins, who else wins? Why does these people matter? Will these people suffer unnecessarily if he yields to life’s inevitable tribulations?  The answers to these questions are the tinder for the fire inside his soul. They will be the fuel for the torch he will need to firmly grasp when the darkness of his crucible threatens to snuff out the light of his ambition.

Any worthy expedition into the unknown will require contingency plans. These plans will need to be drawn up with care and due diligence.  They must be clear. concise. flexible. After all, Murphy’s Law (If it can go wrong, it will – and at the worst possible time) is always in play and only an amateur would think otherwise.  This is why every man must keep a journal of his thoughts, ideas, insights.  This is a success habit that will inspire and clarify his thinking as he fleshes out the details of his great adventure in real time. Think in ink.

No man is an island.

Ultimately, to achieve great success; you must recruit others to join your crusade. These people will form a hedge of protection for you and your dream.  They will become your biggest cheerleaders.  They will energize you. There is, however; a hefty cost for this kind of die-hard support. The cost is authenticity, integrity and a clear purpose.  A man must be a leader who exemplifies these qualities by his own example if he has any hope of inspiring others to fall in behind him.  Begin today to expand your range as a man and as a leader and watch as abundant opportunities to manifest your goals into reality unfold before you.

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