7 Powerful Ways For Starting Your Day Right

Win the morning and you win the day. Successful people around the world realize this fact and create morning rituals that set the tone for the entire day.

You shouldn’t log onto social media or check your emails first thing in the morning. This is because before your brain goes into that autopilot, problem-solving, narrative mode, you need to get rid of the mental fog and condition your mind for focus, clarity, and positivity. And a powerful morning ritual helps you accomplish just that.

Here are the seven ways you can have a powerful start to your days:

1. Practice Positive Self-Talk

Everyone talks to themselves throughout the day. On an average, we say about 300 words per minute to ourselves. So it’s really important that our internal dialogue is uplifting rather than depressing.

As Will Smith says, “words and thoughts carry physical power”. Say positive things to yourself when you wake up in the morning. “I love how people feel so good around my energy”, “I love how creative I am”. Another way to talk positively is to remember your biggest achievements from the past couple years and appreciate yourself for the efforts you made.

2. Eat the frog

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day.”

It’s hard to eat the frog, everyone hates it, but you gotta just do it. We’re not talking about an actual frog here. A frog symbolizes the toughest task you have to day in a particular day.

So if you do your toughest task first in the morning, when you have the highest willpower, your entire day will flow in a state of peak productivity.

3. Go for a Walk

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Beethoven, Goethe, Charles Dickens, Darwin, Steve Jobs – all of these and many other great people loved to take long walks. Steve Jobs used walks for reflection, exercise, problem-solving and to even conduct meetings. Walking is a great way to get in touch with your inner intelligence and become mentally focused. 

Starting your day right requires that you have a clear and focused mind, and a walk is a great way to achieve that.

4. Exercise

Exercise not only keeps you physically healthy but also improves your mental health and even makes you more creative. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors would walk long distances in search of food and shelter, and their active lifestyle kept them healthy in the body and the mind.

Tony Robbins often says that to become successful, you need to be in a peak state mentally. And exercise is a great way to keep your spirits high and work at peak levels. And if Barack Obama could exercise for 45 minutes every day while running an entire country, you for sure can make time for some exercise.

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5. Visualization

“Our greatest life is when we are in dreams awake.”

Everything great you have in your life exists because you dreamed about it first. So visualizing about the things you want in your life – relationships, success, kids, vacations – will pump you up instantly.

We all need a reason to wake up in the morning. So take some time to get in touch with your dreams and feel the thrill as if you already have those things in your life. Starting your day right requires that you have a great vision for your life.

6. Read something uplifting

All great minds around the world have been fascinated with reading. Elon Musk used to read books all day throughout his childhood and his life mission is inspired by the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy. Warren Buffett recommends reading 500 pages a day to become successful. According to him, knowledge is like compound interest, it adds up.

Read something uplifting. Successful people obsessively read biographies and autobiographies of inspiring people. Reading will enrich your mind and is a great way for starting your day right.

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7. Gratitude

Thoughts carry great power. If you think about negative things in the morning, that negativity will seep into your whole day. Some people think about their terrible boss, their bad looks, or about their ex who they still miss to this day. Starting your day right requires that you focus on gratitude.

The truth is your mind is in your control. Don’t be passive when you start your day, don’t be controlled by your mind. Wake up, splash some water on your face, sit comfortably in a chair with a glass of water or coffee and think about everything you are grateful for.

If you have a family that loves you, a roof over your head, and access to the internet, you are richer than millions of people around the world. If you don’t enjoy the little things, you’d never enjoy the big ones.

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  1. Rush

    wake up in the morning is the most difficult habit for most of post college people.. it is very hard especially if you don’t have regular job


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