How to Use The Power of Subconscious Mind To Succeed

Success is important to everyone. Leaving aside all the monks who love to live in a cave, success and materialism is an integral part of our identity as human beings. Everyone wants to win the trophy. But first, you must sharpen the saw. You must use the most powerful tool you have – your subconscious mind.

The power of subconscious mind can make a big difference in whether or not you succeed at your goals. While you may not be able to directly access the subconscious mind, it is always actively affecting your thoughts, emotions, and physiology.

And because the subconscious mind controls 80-90% of your decisions, actions, and results, it is important that you tame this inner beast. Here are some ways you can access the power of subconscious mind.

The Power of Subconscious Mind

Tap Into the Subconscious Mind

Interestingly, you can use the power of subconscious mind. There are several ways to use this power actively. Here are a few ideas that allow you to tap into this immense power:

  1.    Prior to going to sleep, let your subconscious mind know what you want.
  2.    Pay close attention to thoughts and emotions that arise regarding your goals.
  3.    Notice your dreams as they can clearly show you way to achieve your goals.
  4.    In your conscious mind, tell yourself that the subconscious mind has power.
  5.    Avoid issues with stress and anxiety by believing in the subconscious to provide peace and health.
  6.    Be enthusiastic about your goals and desires. Feel how you’ll feel if you had already succeeded. Let your imagination flow. This is the most powerful way to access the power of the subconscious mind.

Use Meditation to Access The Power of Subconscious Mind

One tool that is frequently credited with bringing success is meditation. This practice brings the power of subconscious mind into the present moment. While meditating, people often experience awakenings that help them move their lives in a new direction.

That new direction results in successes that were only previous imagined. To continue to manifest success from the unconscious mind, meditation becomes a part of successful people’s daily routine. It becomes as important as brushing your teeth or exercising daily.

Quiet the Inner Chatter

No matter how you choose to meditate, the most important part of the process is be aware of what you are doing. This happens by blocking out what people call the “monkey mind” – which is the part of the mind that constantly strives to take you away from the present moment.

You can practice quieting this constant chatter by recognizing that it exists and not giving it your time. It will still always be there, but you do not have bring it to life.


If you act on one thing from this article, act on this. Visualization is, by far, the best way to use subconscious mind. Consider it a way to “talk” to your subconscious. Olympic athletes, Navy SEALs – everyone swears to the power of mental imagery.

For example, Mark Divine, a former Navy SEAL commander says that you must visualize the outcome you want to create. During his training sessions when his students are practicing 45-minute plank hold, he tells them to “see” themselves rock solid as a board. According to him, “seeing is the key to believing”.

If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.

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  1. Doris

    Excellent article! This is a great read & offers the “how” & the how is very important. I’m glad I followed the impulse to follow the Google link that brought me here. Thank you author, publisher & life for helping you arrive at the material posted. I wish there was a like button! Lol.

  2. Natalie

    Listen! This is an excellent motivational page!
    I am presently in the process of what seems to be perimenopause and I have been experiencing mood funk and anxiety. Like I can’t get a single positive thought or visualisation in there! I have done or not done so many things out of fear through my life. Even being married 24 years I still believe I need to be more in the moment. Not hold back. And wether this feeling is hormonal or not, I’ve had enough!!! This page is speaking loads to me. Blessings to you…always


  3. Shirley

    I use hypnosis to help my clients access the subconscious mind and change negative beliefs,

    It’s interesting reading other ways of tapping into the subconscious mind

    Thanks, i’m definitely going to try them out


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