Finding Motivation When You’re Overwhelmed And Don’t Feel Like It

One of the most common feelings we all experience these days is feeling overwhelmed. Once overwhelmed it can seem almost impossible to sum up the motivation needed to get things done.

Finding motivation though does not need to be a difficult process, rather a simple understanding of what motivation really means.

According to our friend Mr. Dictionary, motivation means:

“a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.”

Taking that on board, all you are really looking for is a strong REASON why you must do something. When your “WHY” is strong enough, you can bare any how. When your “WHY” is strong enough, feelings of overwhelm generally do not exist, because nothing is bigger than your reason why you must do it.

Finding Motivation is easy – Follow these simple steps to get back on track:

1. Find Your “Why”

Your why is the reason you do what you do. Why must you be successful? Why must you have that relationship you dream of? Watch this video below and take notes, so you can discover your REASON WHY:

2. Write down your GOALS

Those who have a compelling future, something important and meaningful to work towards, generally don’t experience feelings of overwhelm. Overwhelm is a short term emotion. If you have a long term vision, a compelling vision for your future you are working towards, short term issues and setbacks will not derail you. Write down your 1, 3 and 5 year goals. Make them meaningful and write under each goal “WHY I MUST ACHIEVE THIS GOAL”

3. Get In A Powerful State!

Possibly the greatest success coach on the planet, Tony Robbins teaches his clients that to achieve anything of significance, long term, you must train your body and mind to be in a powerful state. He teaches this through a process called “Incantations” which is essentially affirmations with movement added. If you have attended any of Tony’s seminars, like Date With Destiny, you will know movement, and getting “in state” through powerful music and movement is a big part of it, and absolutely makes a huge difference in your emotional state, happiness and therefor leads to a much higher level of productivity.

When you are in a powerful state, when you have a positive mindset, your actions are more deliberate, clearer and of course that leads to better decisions and better results. GET IN STATE!

4. Cut Out Everything That Is Taking You Further Away From Where You Must Be.

Motivation definitely doesn’t come from drinking, drugs, poor diet choices or negative people. If you want long term motivation, if you want to feel more ALIVE, less stressed and overwhelmed, start by cutting out the energy killers: Drinking, drugs, poor diet and poor friend choices. After a little while you will begin to feel more awake, more alive and less stressed and overwhelmed.

5. Exercise… More

The first thing you should do when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed is exercise. Just about everyone knows the science behind this, yet not many people live it. Daily exercise is a perfect remedy to eliminate stress and feelings of overwhelm. Kill your stress with SWEAT!

6. Meditate.

“Meditation is not for weirdos – it’s for winners!”

Do some homework – google the science behind meditation and success, and “famous people who meditate” you will soon begin to see a huge link between success and meditation. Why? Meditation clears the mind of stress and guess what… feelings of overwhelm. If you can start your day with as little as 10 minutes of meditation, your entire day will change. If you do this every day, your entire life will change. Yes, on a level of success and results, but more importantly on a level of feeling peace and happiness more in your life.

2 Responses

  1. Uzoma Nnamdi

    How can I become bold while talking to people, that is one of most change I face, I know other young guys like me fave it too. Thanks, how can I overcome it

    • Fahad

      Hi! Uzoma Nnamdi.
      Communication skills is very important part of our life.
      You have to do some practices:-
      1. Start speaking with yourself in well-manner way. For example, you can do mirror practice, speak in normal slow motion.
      2. Do some speaking practice like vocal cord warm up exercises.

      3. Self-talk is very important and always reminder yourself that you to speak gently, by doing this you’ll always remember that you have to speak gently.


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