6 Types of Toxic People That Will Drain Your Energy

Spend time with people who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you. Toxic people are good for nothing. They suck your energy and make your life miserable. Deep down it is their own insecurities and inability to take responsibility that makes them stuck in these negative patterns.

The world has enough problems and you don’t want one in your life. Now, we are all for helping others, in fact we recommend, whenever and wherever you can to help guide everyone to their best possible life, and their highest possible thought level. Some people however aren’t ready for your help, pray they will get there, in their own time, but release yourself from the burden of their toxic behaviour.

Here are the six kinds of toxic people you should stay away from.

1. People Who Run Away From Responsibility

There are lots of people who want to change their circumstances but they keep waiting for a miracle to happen. As a result, they develop a habit of complaining. They blame others for their own shortcomings and keep a negative attitude towards life.

The more we spend time with such people, the more we have to deal with their passive, complaining, and irresponsible nature. And before you know it, this negativity will create resistance in the path of your success.

2. The Hopeless Self-destructive

Self-destructive people have negative thinking and behavior patterns. They are the alcoholics, the drug addicts, the self-mutilators, and so on. Not only their actions, but their thoughts are also self-destructive. They often say horrible things to themselves such as “I’m such a failure”, “No matter what I do, I will always be a disappointment to my family and friends”, “I know I’m going to screw this big time”.

Self-destructive people need professional help to get out of their negative spirals and the more you attach yourself to them, the more you’ll have to show pity and sympathize with them. The key here is that, if you want to support someone, empathize with their strong side and tell them to seek help and get out of their comfort zone. Don’t show endless pity as it will only weaken them and hamper your own emotional health.

3. Emotional Vampires

Emotional vampires often have different ways to suck the life out of you. Some like to find your flaws and make you feel small, because that’s how their sense of self is built. Others seek pity from you because how they are the single most unfortunate person on planet earth and everyone else got lucky to have such a wonderful life. Some are just negative about everything and others like to control your actions and make you feel like you’re answerable to them.

How do you know a person is an emotional vampire? After meeting them, you feel drained. It’s like they suck your emotional energy and make you wonder what’s wrong with you. As simple as that.

So what’s the way out? Don’t play their games. Just say to yourself, “I’m out of this”.

4. The Gossiper

People who gossip feel good talking about people behind their backs. They will tell you an hour long story about how their colleague at work is annoying and doesn’t deserve the money they’re being paid.

The point here is, gossipers put their mind in the dumps, and if you spend time with them, you will feel grossed out and your energy will be drained. Gossipers want to know the latest news about everyone else because of their own lacklustre life which they refuse to work on improving.

5. The Envious

If you associate with people who are jealous of your achievements and good fortune, you’ll be draining your energy being with them. Good friends make you feel good about yourself when you win instead of showing you that you don’t deserve what you’ve earned.

6. The Self-Absorbed

The self-absorbed is never interested in what you have to say. It’s always about them, their dreams, their life, their wishes. As a result, you feel alone when you are with them. They are never close with others and you become just a tool for them to enhance their self-esteem and talk about their grandiose visions of life.

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