5 Impactful Life Lessons Learned from Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is a co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and founder of Impact Theory. After seeing him speak at a “Success Live” seminar and meeting him afterward I can say Tom is the real deal.

At age 41 he has achieved an incredible amount. He’s overcome a “lazy” personality, obesity, and went from being broke to building one of the most popular brands in the fitness world. His goal with his latest company, Impact Theory, is getting people “out of the matrix” and show how human potential is nearly limitless.

Here are five lessons I’ve learned from Tom Bilyeu that you can implement into your life today:

1. You Will Become What You Think About

Tom knows the importance of controlling your thoughts and creating a positive mindset. This quote says its best:

“I went from dead broke, in debt and not able to pay all of my bills to building a billion-dollar brand and completely changing my financial circumstances by going on a decade’s long quest to develop my mind as aggressively as a bodybuilder develops their body.”

People love being tactical when it comes to making changes, but forget that without the right mindset they will never succeed. Most people focus on what they don’t want instead of focusing on what they do want. Instead, dwell on a vision of you being great because what you focus on you will become.

You are going to become what you think about so make sure you are always using positive self-talk and visualizing success. Don’t waste time planning worst-case scenarios or Plan B as it will take the focus away from Plan A.

2. Develop Your Passion

How often do you hear that you need to follow your passion to be successful?

The only problem is that some people don’t know what they are passionate about or have outgrown their childhood passions.

Tom said it best, “Finding your passion is another way of saying what should my goal be. It’s not something you discover, not some grand mission or purpose. It’s something you develop.”

Instead of trying to find your passion out of thin air start learning more about what you are already interested in. Some things you will love, others you will like, and others you will hate. Harness your curiosity and begin to develop your passion(s) over time.

3. Learn New Skills

As Tom Bilyeu said in the seminar I attended, “Always be reading (ABR).”

If you are always reading you will be feeding your brain new information and controlling the content instead of letting society program your mind with the negative information.

He talks frequently that life is simply the acquisition of skills. The more you know, the more valuable you will be regardless of career or industry. Start increasing your skills by reading different content related to your career, self-improvement, and biographies of successful people.

Commit to being a lifelong learner as knowledge is the ultimate superpower. Invest in yourself by always reading, listening to podcasts, or attending seminars to develop new skills.

Once you become a relentless learner you will understand that information in equals information out. The more helpful, insightful, and inspiring content you put in your mind,  the more you will be rewarded.

4. You Can Get Good at Anything (BELIEF)

We form the majority of our beliefs as children. By an early age, we decide what we are good at and how to avoid the bad stuff. Unfortunately, we forget that humans are capable of creating massive change.

As Tom says, “Humans are the ultimate adaption machines.”

In today’s society, people are quick to give up and move on to the next new thing. But if you want to be truly amazing you have to pick one thing and focus on it with everything you have.

5. Have Clear Goals

As Tom said, “Do and believe that which moves you toward your goal.”

Create a very specific goal, identify where you are and figure out how to bridge the gap from reality to your goal. Figure out how to start moving and understand what you need to start believing it’s possible.

When I told Tom my biggest goals his advice was simple, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

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