When you try and make a change in your life do you go big or go small? Meaning, if you’re trying to lose weight do you start changing a few small things that you can sustain or do you go all in?

Dropping foods you’ve eaten for years, exercising daily, and thinking it’s the right move. Which one works?

For most people massive shifts in habits tend to fade quickly as habits aren’t easy to change. Instead, there is a solution to create lasting and sustainable change in your life.

The solution is known as the “The Compound Effect.”

The Power of The Compound Effect

Written by Darren Hardy, it’s a book that you must read if you want to reach your next level of success. The premise of the book is all about how the little things add up, or compound, over time.  Naturally, he’s coined the term “The Compound Effect.

As Darren Hardy said, “Even though the results are massive, the steps, in the moment, don’t feel significant. The changes are so subtle they’re almost impossible.”

How the Compound Effect Works

This video breaks down an easy way to show the power of the compound effect in real life. Imagine these two scenarios:

Option 1: Spend 30 minutes per day to improve your skills. Receive $10 per week with a 10% weekly compound growth.

Option 2: Spend 30 minutes per day and receive $5,000 per month with no improvement necessary. But, there is no copmound growth over time.

It’s easy to think that option two is the best choice. But compounding is a very powerful tool in business, finances, and life success.

Here are the breakdowns for both scenarios after the first 24 months:

Accumulated Revenue
Option 1 Option 2
$51 $5,000
$126 $10,000
$235 $15,000
$15,541 $60,000
$86,762 $80,000
$127,080 $85,000
$186,108 $90,000
$2,219,271 $120,000

That is the power of compounding in your life. Here’s how to start using the compound effect in your life.

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The Microwave Mentality

Darren talks about this by saying we live in a society that wants things immediately. He calls this the “microwave menatlity.” In today’s world, most people want instant downloads, fast food, and same day shipping.

Everyone wants it now, including success! But success, in anything, is never overnight and definitely not a straight line to your destination.  

Instead, you need to align your life with your core values. Your core values are your filter that which you run all of lifes demands and tempations through the filter. This is how you make sure that you’re redirecting your life toward achieving your vision.

How to Find Your Core Values

To align your life with your values you have to first identify what you want in life. As Darren says, “Most people are sleepwalking through daily choices. Half the time we’re not even aware that we are making them.”  

Here’s how to wake up and start finding your core values in business.

  • Ask yourself, who do you admire? What are the key attributes that contribute most to their success that you can add into your life?
  • Let’s say you chose learning and creating as your core values.
  • Next, you need to figure out if your actions align with your new values.
  • At the top of the hour, write out what you did the past hour and identify if it aligned with your core values.

Doing this exercise repeatedly will help sharpen your focus. Almost immediately you’ll be able to identify what is not aligning with your values on a daily basis.

This exercise will also show your mind that you are making progress even if you aren’t getting immeidate results. This will quiet the “monkey mind” so you can continue doing the things that will move you closer to your goals.

What to Do Next

Stay patient and trust the process for what you are trying to achieve in your life. Consistent and small steps will lead to huge results in due time.

As the famed motivtional speaker, Eric Thomas said, “Trust the process, don’t rush the process.”

During your journey make sure to focus on the growth over time and take advantage of momentum when it hits!

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