Do you want to find your life purpose but don’t know where to start? If you want to live your best life first you need to figure out what you want.

Once you find the clarity you can take massive action towards your vision. Most people get stuck trying to find their purpose for years or even decades without ever really achieving anything.

If you want to find your purpose start by thinking outside the box. Ask yourself these five questions they help you find your purpose and start creating the life you want.

Answer These 5 Questions To Find Your Life Purpose

1. As A Child What Did You Love To Do? | Find Your Life Purpose

This is a great and fun way to find your life’s purpose. Sometimes people feel like they have to find their passion but in reality most of the times it’s already within you. Think back to your childhood and ask yourself what did you love to do?

Was it a sport, an instrument or something else? Often times, retracing your steps as a kid is agreat way to bring back memories of things you used to love to do. Ask your family and look back through old photos to spark some ideas.

Once you find them see how you can incorporate them into your life now. Can you still do the activities?

If so, can you teach others how to do it as well? This is a great way to start monetizing your current skill set and helping others!

2. Who Do You Spend Time With? | Find Your Life Purpose

As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Do your friends share a common interest or are it more about going out and having fun? Maybe your friends love working out, golfing or building online businesses.

Usually, the people you spend the most time with have similar interests. Start by asking them what they think you are good at and actually listen.

You Can Find Your Life Purpose When You Answer These 5 Questions You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Tom John Quote friend friendship relationship success entrepreneur self development

3. How Would You Spend Your Time? | Find Your Life Purpose

If you didn’t have to work anymore, how would you spend your time? Would you try and compete in the Crossfit games? Would you build a business? Or would you try and create a busines or start a nonprofit?

Figure out where you would go, what you would do, and how you would spend the majority of your day. Often times money is the issue that gets in the way of finding your passion. Take a day off, from work and figure out how you would spend the day.

4. What Do You Absolutely Love to Do? | Find Your Life Purpose

Everyone has those activities that makes time fly. It could be playing basketball, reading books or hiking. Whatever it is, figure out what you absolutely love to do.

When do you get into flow like states? When you are in a peak state you probably experience inner peace and don’t want it to ever end. Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt this kind of joy in your life?

You Can Find Your Life Purpose When You Answer These 5 Questions allow your passion to become your purpose and soon it will become your profession.

5. What Do You Really Care About? | Find Your Life Purpose

Do you have a certain cause that you really believe in? One that you like to volunteer when you’re not at work or something to help other people?

Often times to find your life’s purpose you have to spend time helping others. Usually, this work is the most rewarding and fun to do.

Start asking yourself these questions and exploring the answers to learn how to find your purpose. Don’t expect the answer to magically occur.

Instead, develop your passion, stay curious, and try new things. With enough work, you will find your purpose in life.

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  1. Jason

    I have recently been asking myself some of these questions and struggling with trying to reinvent my life. I just started my first blog and was looking for sites to get some inspiration when I ran across this post. I have to say you are dead on those are the questions that help determine true purpose. I will be reading more on here..


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