Are you starting to feel like you’re in the wrong relationship? Is your relationship is making you better or are you simply going through the motions?

A close relationship with the right person is vital to your health, happiness, and fulfillment. Your relationship can make or break how you interact and engage with the world on a daily basis.

Yet so many people stay in the wrong relationship because they are too afraid of leaving. So many people aren’t happy but too scared to try and find anything else.

If you think you’re in the wrong relationship here are five surefire ways to tell.

1. You Don’t Spend Time Together (and don’t try too)

Life gets busy. Work, family, friends, events and everything else take up a ton of time. But if you’re not scheduling time with your partner then you’re probably going to fail.

If you aren’t spending time with your other half and aren’t concerned about it, what’s the point of keeping it going? Your partner is someone to share life with, not just a roommate.

2. You Don’t Trust Each Other

Trust is hard to get and easy to give away. If you aren’t trusting your partner it’s a huge red flag. Not only will this lack of trust lead to other issues, but it will also make the entire relationship problematic.

If you can’t communicate openly about trust issues its a sign that you’re probably in the wrong relationship.

3. Your Goals Don’t Align

I’m sure you first met you talked about your future and goals as individuals. As you dated longer or maybe even moved in, I’m sure you talked about your future goals of careers, travel, marriage or kids.

But if you and your partner no longer share your dreams it might be a sign that you’re in the wrong relationship. If one person wants to travel the world while the other wants a stable family life and 9-5 careers, the relationship is going to have problems.

Make sure you constantly check in and have goals that align together.

4. You’ve Stopped Making Effort

As Tony Robbins once said, “If you always do the little things that you did in the beginning, there will never be an end.” And he’s 100% right.

If you’ve stopped making effort to do the little things as time has gone on, you’re probably in the wrong relationship. You should want to do the little quirky, fun things you did in the beginning.

Sure, it might evolve in some capacity but its so important to always make the effort.  If you’ve stopped trying and don’t care then it’s probably time to move on.

5. You Fantasize About Being With Other People

Yes, emotional cheating is still cheating. If you find yourself envisioning a better life, even if it’s with a fake romantic partner, it’s a sign that you are not fulfilled by your current relationship.

You should be able to speak with your partner about problems you’re having. Life’s short. Don’t spend time in the wrong relationship that isn’t fulfilling. It’s selfish to both you and your partner.

Communicate your thoughts open and honestly to give yourself the best chances to succeed. If it doesn’t work, at least you got everything out and won’t hold any regret in the future.

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  1. Terry

    Very interesting and it keeps me motivate everyday while reading from feraless site.Thank you for giving me encouragement for the long journey that I will need to pass.


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