Take notes and apply this! Principles and Habits of Success for Entrepreneurs.

7 Principles and Habits of Success For Entrepreneurs – Motivational Video

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Speakers: Josiah Ruff
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Transcript – 7 Principles and Habits of Success For Entrepreneurs – Motivational Video | Fearless Motivation

How do successful entrepreneurs think?

 What traits and habits do they all share?

Here are 7 principles that will ensure your success as an entrepreneur…

NUMBER 1. Add more VALUE than anyone else, and success will follow.

Who truly wins the game of success?…
 Those who add more value than their competition.

That doesn’t always mean more money value. 
It does always mean more life value. 

How are you making your customers, your fans, your employer’s lives better? How can you make it even better for them? 

What problems are you solving? 
How are you making their life easier?

 If you are solving big problems many people have, or making many lives easier through your work, you’ll never have to worry about money.


NUMBER 2. If you’re doing it for the money, you’ve lost.

If you are in it for ONLY the money, you’ll likely never experience great success, and if you do, your time will be limited.

 But, if you do something you are passionate about, your chances of success are much greater, and your chances of happiness are much, much greater.

 Chase money, and money will always run faster. Chase your purpose and money will chase you.

NUMBER 3. Give your ALL, consistently.

Success will NOT follow you if you’re only giving your all on the days you feel like it.

 SUCCESS comes to those who WORK FOR IT.
 When you feel like it. When you don’t feel like it.
 When you’re up, when you’re down.

 You have to be able to flick the switch. No matter what is happening in your life… When you need to work – YOU WORK.

 You shut the door, you shut out all distractions, you go to another place and get the job done.

NUMBER 4. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s NOT right.

Sometimes passing up money is the greatest thing you can do for yourself as a business owner or entrepreneur. 

Have enough integrity and strength to say NO to the opportunities and the people you know aren’t right for you – no matter how much they are paying.

 Showing yourself as a person of integrity will eventually lead to more people of integrity joining you in your business or mission.

 It will lead to BETTER people and BETTER opportunities. 

Aligning yourself with the wrong people could mean the end of your business. 

In the end, INTEGRITY wins. In the end, those who do RIGHT win.

NUMBER 5. It’s always quality over quantity. 
(But make sure there is a great quantity of quality)

It has to be QUALITY in great QUANTITY.

 Don’t be afraid to bang out more work than anyone would consider possible for one human to do…

 but make sure EVERYTHING you are putting out is your very best work.

 Never put out anything out just for the sake of it. 

If it is not of BENEFIT to your audience… don’t put it out. 

Everything you put out should be your BEST WORK, your most meaningful work and something that adds value to others.


You can only preach what you practice!

 You must be working on yourself EVERY DAY, before you start work, and everywhere in between.

 The better you are, mentally, emotionally and physically, the better you will be in business.

 The sharper your mind, the better your results will be.


Pay attention to what is working, pay attention to what is not working.

 Within your business, and others.

 CARE enough about your work to be continually improving.

 Be humble enough to acknowledge you don’t KNOW everything, you aren’t the best at everything, and you always have room for improvement.

 Always willing to learn more and get better.

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    This is really great inspiration. God bless you richly. Kudos to Fearless motivation


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