Did you know that Olympic athletes and peak performers regularly use visualization to help them achieve their dreams faster..

Studies have shown that one hour of visualization is equivalent to seven hours of physical practice!

So how can you do it?

By using creative visualization to imagine future events happening now and vision boards. Using vision board on a daily basis can help your chances of success so much.

Each year, I create a new vision board for what I want to achieve this year but added some new stuff this year. After hearing John Assaraf talk on Impact Theory, I decided to add two more boards alongside my vision board.

Here’s how the use of a vision board could bring about a massive shift of fortune in your life.

The 3 Boards of Mega Success

Vision Board | Millionaire Method

Vision boards are so effective because they provide you with a visual representation of what you are trying to achieve in your life. They became very popular after the movie, “The Secret” was released.

The film showed how some of the most successful people made their visions come to life. John Assaraf, who was featured in the movie, talked about how he eventually moved into his dream home pictured on his vision board. It was the exact home he had imagined without even realizing it. At that point, he began to understand the power of programming your mind for success.

Vision boards are so effective because they help keep your top goals in front of you at all times. By using repetition and further visualizing or feeling yourself accomplishing what you’re trying to achieve, it creates strong neural pathways in the brain. And the more you visualize it on a consistent basis, the more you are wiring your brain for success.

While creating a vision board can help you achieve your goals and dreams, don’t forget the most important step is taking action. To attract success into your life remember the last five letters of attraction are “action.”

Accomplish Board | Millionaire Method

As humans, we’re quick to forget our big accomplishments in pursuit of the next goal or dream. But it’s important to have reminders of all that you’ve achieved as well. Along with a vision board, John recommends creating an achievement board as well.

On an achievement board, make sure you add things you’ve recently accomplished or are proud of in life. This could be things like a job promotion, new car, revenue goal in your business or something else.

Little reminders about your past accomplishments will help you overcome doubt when going after new goals. They will help remind you that you’ve done a lot already and can do even more. Think about this as your brag board!

Crap Board | Millionaire Method

The last board is something I had never heard of until this interview. John talks about having a “crap board” that entails things you don’t want in your life. This could include people that are toxic, situations you want to avoid or habits you don’t need.

These three boards can help you remember your past accomplishments, train your brain for the future and avoid bad situations. A vision board pairs great with meditation, persistence, and affirmations to manifest your dreams.

To get started, buy a tri-fold board and make one-third of each your vision, accomplishment, and “crap” board. Review them each morning and night before going to bed to help reach your full potential this year.

Watch below as John Assaraf delivers another powerful mind-shift on how you think about accomplishing life goals.

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