How to Get Ripped Abs – The Secret to Six Pack Abs

How to Get Ripped Abs

How to Get Ripped Abs

3 Pro Secrets to ripped, chiseled abs. You will be surprised. How to Get Ripped Abs

When it comes to crafting an aesthetic physique nothing is more important than having a set of ripped abs.

Just look at some of the recent movie star physiques that have garnered the most attention: Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Ryan Reynolds in Amityville Horror and Gerard Butler in the movie 300. What made their physique so impressive? It was the ripped abs! Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club was barely 160 lbs, but had a set of killer six-pack abs.

While many guys build big and bulky muscles – it is a very rare combination to have a muscular and aesthetic body with ripped abs.

Why is this physique so hard to achieve? Well for one the goal of building muscle and burning fat seem to oppose each other. You enter a calorie surplus to build a lot of lean muscle mass but end up gaining a bit of fat along the way.

Then you diet down to lose body fat quickly and you lose that hard earned muscle mass and strength. So what’s the secret to getting ripped abs and keeping your lean muscle mass?
This article is going to dive into 3 secrets to getting ripped abs while not losing all of your gains in the gym. This is the stuff that the movie stars and fitness models know that the average guy doesn’t. Its not rocket science and once you incorporate these tricks you will find that The Secret to Six Pack Abs and achieving a ripped mid section is a realistic goal for anyone.

How to Get Ripped Abs – The Secret to Six Pack Abs – 3 Secrets:

1. Leg Workouts

How in the world are leg workouts going to get you ripped abs? It’s a very simple secret that reaps incredible benefits. Your hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus are 3 of the 5 biggest muscles in your entire body.

When you train these large lower body muscle groups several amazing things happen:

-Increases testosterone and HGH

-Boosts your metabolism post workout due to type 2 muscle fiber recovery involved

-Any “gains” that occur in the lower body boost your metabolism since your body is carrying around more lean mass

If you want to speed up your progress towards a set of ripped six-pack abs you will want to make sure you never skip leg day! One of the best investments you can make towards the body of your dreams is to incorporate 2 great leg workouts per week.

This means that you are performing the major compound leg exercises that break down multiple large muscle groups at the same time.

Exercises like the barbell squat, front squat, stiff leg dead lift, Db Lunges, and Db step-ups are ideal for both fat loss and building lean mass in your legs.

Call to action: Another trick you can do to speed up your fat loss is perform a high intensity leg exercise at the end of your workout for 3-4 sets. Ideally you want to perform an exercise that incorporates multiple lower body muscle groups.

Just 3-4 sets of high intensity compound leg exercises two times per week at the end of your workout will result in some major fat loss in a month.

For the best results try one of these compound lower body movements:

  1. Walking Db Lunges
  2. Db Step Ups
  3. Db Bulgarian Split Squat
  4. Db Squat Jumps

2. Train your abs with resistance

Most guys do not train their abs with resistance. Your abdominals are a muscle group and if you want them to grow you need to place overload and resistance on them.

You have to train your abdominals the same way you train your biceps and pectorals. If you want a muscle to grow the science is already out – progressive overload!

You need to place maximum overload on a muscle group to shock it into growth and create healthy microtears. The best exercises for getting ripped abs are weighted.

Bodyweight abs exercises are important and can still be in your routine – but you will get way more out of your abs workouts if you place overload on them.

If you want those 3D looking abs that pop out of your skin you not only need to have low body fat but you need to develop the actual abdominal muscles. This is what separates the fitness model physique from guys who are just in great shape.

Fitness models regularly perform the best-weighted abdominal exercises that carefully sculpt each section of their abdominals, oblique’s and V shaped torso.

Call to action: Try to perform 5 sets each week of these 7 weighted abdominal exercises. These will combine to sculpt your abs and oblique’s from every angle and help you build the actual core muscles.

-Rope Crunches

-Weighted Planks

-Weighted Russian Twist

-Weighted Horizontal Leg Crunch

-Spell Casters

-Decline weighted Sit Ups

3. Low Insulin + HIIT

One of the best strategies for losing belly fat quickly is to have long periods of low insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone and one of the best ways to get shredded is to make sure you have periods of low insulin levels every single day.

A good rule of thumb is for at least 16 hours every day you should be keeping your insulin levels low. This is easy to pull off figuring you are probably sleeping for at least 8 hours.

Your insulin levels will remain low if you have a diet rich in protein, healthy fats and fibrous vegetables. Stay away from carbohydrates and any kind of simple sugars when you are trying to keep your insulin levels low.

Fast digesting carbohydrates spike your insulin and will cause your body to go from fat burning mode to fat storage mode.

One strategy to supercharge your results and get shredded six-pack abs is to combine High intensity interval training with your periods of low insulin.

Your body is already burning body fat and utilizing carbohydrates for energy when your insulin is low and combining this with HIIT will turn you into a fat burning machine.

High intensity interval training has so many incredible fat burning and anabolic hormone boosting benefits. One of the key fat burning benefits is that it takes your body 24-48 hours to recover from a HIIT session because your fast twitch muscle fibers take much longer to recover than your slow twitch. (Your body uses slow twitch during low intensity cardio and fast twitch during high intensity cardio.)

Your body needs extra energy to recover (aka burning calories) from the fast twitch cardio and will boost your metabolism following the workout.

Combining this rapid surge in your metabolism with low insulin levels is a winning recipe for showing you How to Get Ripped Abs.
Call to Action: Performing high intensity interval training 2-3 times per week when your insulin levels are low will result in your body becoming a fat burning machine.


How to Get Ripped Abs Article By Troy Adushun.
Troy is a leading YouTube Fitness Expert, Model, and in charge of the WeightGainNetwork. Check it out today.


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