Attracting Abundance: Proven Steps To Use The Law Of Attraction To Bring In Money

You might be struggling financially at this present moment, you might feel frustrated with the state of your finances, so much so that you think you’ll never get out of debt. I was like you seven years ago until I discovered the law of attraction.

What is the Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a universal law, it means our thoughts transfer to our action and action determines our achievements in life. Bad thoughts bring bad luck, positive thoughts followed by belief and action (and relentlessness) brings tremendous achievement and success to our lives. Negative thoughts can never be transferred into action. A negative thinker will never take action because they believe they are already defeated.

How to apply the Law Of Attraction to your financial life:

The law of attraction helped me to improve my financial life, and it can help you too, if you take the same practical steps I took seven years ago. Here are the steps:

1. Build a positive mindset:

If you are currently living in debt and you are convinced that you’ll never get out of it, the law of attraction is not for you. On the other hand, if you are convinced, or prepared to train your mind to believe that you’ll get out of debt, you’ll be propelled to take practical steps to get out of debt.

2. Set specific goals:

Specific goals are better than scattered and aimless goals. That is just common sense. It is far better to say, ‘I will make $10,000 by the last day of next month’ than to say, ‘I just want to make money’. Be specific, know the exact thing you want to achieve, and it will help you to determine your destination. Here are some tips you can follow to set specific goals.

•    Set achievable goals.

•    Write your goals down.

•    Set the timeframe for the goals to be achieved.

•    Design a practical plan towards achieving the goals.

3. Take action:

Positive thoughts are useless without action, your goal might be to make $15,000 next month, but if you have a very brilliant plan without action, you might not make a dime. What is it you want to achieve? What do you need to learn to get there? Who do you need to speak to, or to learn from? What actions can you take now, to get the ball rolling?

Do you want to start a business? You can’t find a better time to start your business. Avoid procrastination. It’s natural to have doubt, and the inner critic telling you to take the easy road. Silence those voices and just jump in, once you get started you won’t be able to stop. You must always take immediate action.


The law of attraction can do great wonders in your life, if you are open to it working, and prepared to work for what you want.

Set specific achievable goals and take action. Do not underestimate what the power of attraction can do to your finances. In what way law of attraction has helped you in the past? Or, what is your take on the law of attraction? Comment below and share with friends. Thanks.

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