How to Use “Man in the Mirror” as Your Self Improvement Guide in 5 Steps!

Michael Jackson or the King of Pop as he was rightful crowned, touched the lives of billions. He was one of the greatest artists and performers of all time to ever grace our presence in modern day pop culture. From original costumes to fancy footwork as he moonwalked across the stage, Michael was truly one-of- kind. His music ranged from teenage affection with a P.T.Y. (Pretty Young Thing) to more mature love sagas with women like Dirty Diana. But Michael was also a humanitarian, singing songs that sparked conversation about the government, self awareness, and the world.

August 2017 turned Michael Jackson’s number one hit, “Man in the Mirror” 30 years old from the album titled Bad. Filled with pick me up lines and mantras to keep focused, let’s exam how “Man in the Mirror” can be applied to our every lives in order become a better person and bring about change.

man in the mirror

1. I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life

Now let’s be honest, sometimes making a change can be a challenge. Especially if we’re talking about breaking habits that have existed for years (think of someone getting back into the gym and they’ve been away for more than a year). We can start up something with such fire, ready to tackle any obstacle, and then, for whatever reason we withdraw all together or step back gradually. But then that day arrives, the one when we become sick and tired of being ‘sick and tired’ and we tell ourselves, “That’s it! It’s time!” Let’s stick this one out…for once.

2. It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference, gonna make it right

Not only is this change gonna FEEL really good, but it’s gonna make a difference and make it right…in your life! Think about it! This change, this good feeling can spread beyond your life and into the lives of people you know. They say a smile is contagious, what do you think would happen if we paired that with an action?

3. I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways

A lot of times when we’ve reached an obstacle it’s easy for us to instantly blame others for our issues. How about taking the road less traveled and start with YOURSELF before pointing fingers? This doesn’t mean “I’m wrong, you’re right” but it helps breaking the cycle of feeling like a victim and creates the foundation of taking responsibility for our actions and thoughts.

4. And no message could have been any clearer

Don’t ignore the signs! If you’ve been on the fence about starting up something different notice if the topic starts surrounding you in conversations or advertisements. Seize new opportunities to make you a better you!

5. If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change

First and foremost, we must start with ourselves if we wish to see any change in the world. How can we expect to see change if we’re walking around with the same tired attitude? How can we expect to see change if we’re cruising through life in a bubble that doesn’t acknowledge how our actions effect others? We can’t. Notice what you can improve in your day to day life and start there. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture. Our mini accomplishments turn into big victories. Who knows, you might surprise yourself at the outcome once you, “make that change”.

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