Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset: How to Develop A Growth Mindset

Dr. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, established the terms growth mindset and fixed mindset about 30 years ago.

Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset

Like the name suggests, a person who has a fixed mindset believes that the capabilities of any human is restricted to what you are given. You are either good or bad at something, working hard to grow and develop your skills is not something that is considered – this is a notion that develops a mindset full of limitations on what can and can’t be achieved.

As opposed to that, having a growth mindset means you understand that your capacity to learn is vast and your skills can always be improved with hard work and commitment.

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More often than not, the type of mindset a person has can influence their success academically, professionally or personally. This is why many parents strive to develop a growth mindset in their children from a young age. Luckily, even if you are an adult, it’s not too late to start now!

Learn About Brain Plasticity

If you believe that you have a fixed mindset, the first step in shifting towards a growth mindset is learning about it. Usually, being aware of the things that your brain is capable of will give you the reassurance you need to try your best. Believing that you are capable of achieving your goals increases the likelihood of success.

Start by reading up on brain plasticity and you’ll be able to understand and contrast a fixed mindset vs growth mindset. Research in this field shows that our brain has an enormous capacity – it’s far more flexible than we’ve ever anticipated. Scientists like to use the term ‘malleable’ to point at how our neural growth increases through constant practice, experience and learning.

Neuroplasticity means that you can build new behaviors and characteristics that can change the neural connections in your brain. For example, you can go from an anxious person to a calm person with meditation.

Re-ignite Your Curiosity

It’s important to keep in mind that in today’s age of information, knowledge is available to everyone. The only limitations are the ones that you have enforced on yourself. Find the time to research something you are passionate about on a daily basis.

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While the internet is a useful tool, one can also learn from everyday surroundings to take advantage of the differences between fixed mindset vs growth mindset. It’s time to start wondering, the same way a child does. What does that do? How is it made? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Each answer is another step towards improvement.

The knowledge you gained in school or university may be what got you so far, but you need to constantly learn new things to get further.

Welcome Feedback

People with growth mindset know that intelligence is not something acquired naturally. They believe that talent is only a stepping stone to where you want to go. The next step is hard work and most importantly, resilience.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Acknowledge your skill set and knowledge that you currently have. Appreciating your excellence is a good sign. However, you should always be on the lookout for fields that you can improve at.

When you receive constructive criticism, welcome it as a hint towards what you have yet to perfect. Go one step further and ask your coworkers or boss to suggest if there is anything you should work on to achieve better results.

Constantly trying to better one’s self is a trait of a person with growth mindset.

Set High Goals and Accept Tough Challenges

Don’t strive to outdo other people. Instead, try to outdo your past self. There is always room for improvement, so don’t stop when you complete a challenge. Instead, set the bar higher for next time. Are you afraid that you will set it too high?

You shouldn’t be. People who have a growth mindset are not afraid to fail. They see failure as a chance to learn something new and try a different path each time. Rest assured, making a mistake doesn’t cancel out your abilities. At the end of the day, is failing worse than not trying at all?

Become A Student Of Life

The key to growth, and probably achieving success in any field, is to become a student of the subject. Not just any student, an interested, curious, obsessed student. To become so obsessed in a topic, that you want to learn everything required to go from student to master. Successful people never stop learning, and because of this they never stop GROWING.


Although there is no fully defined way to develop a growth mindset, it’s undeniable that seeking new experiences and expanding your knowledge through continuous learning are essential parts of it. Keep in mind that growth mindset is not an end destination. In fact, it’s a continuous upward journey fueled by your dedication to succeed.

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