10 Things Unsuccessful People Tell Themselves Every Day – Don’t Do This…

You can choose to bathe in the misery and envy the successes of others, never trying to do anything to improve the quality of your life, or you can choose to learn from the successful and find a way to achieve your own success. Depressive moods and self-pity will ruin your life, stopping you from moving forward to your intended goals and dreams. Don’t yourself up to fail.

Here are 10 phrases that unsuccessful people tell themselves almost every day. I encourage you to steer away from these thoughts, if you want to live a life of success.

“I have no time”

If you want to do something – you’ll always find spare time for it. If single mothers can find ‘time’ to balance a child, work, and self-development. Honey, you have no excuse. Have you ever noticed that when a person has a limited time frame and a lot of things to do – the work will be done faster and more efficient than ever? Don’t be afraid to take on a challenge, organize your schedule, write down your day, and work on becoming more productive in the time you DO have. Seek to eliminate things that do no good in your life, like TV, drinking alcohol and other destructive habits, and instead replace them with positive things that will take you closer to the life you want.

“I don`t want to do it”

No desire to do something – means no chance in joining the club of successful people. There are ups and downs, highs and lows – but something is genuinely wrong with you if you don’t want to do something. Consider looking for a passion of yours, work that will enhance your life, something you will love with all heart.

Read some success stories, find a role model, somebody not to copy from – but to draw inspiration. Find out for yourself how hard working and disciplined all the greatest, most successful people are. All the sacrifice, sweat and blood it cost them.

I have no money”

Although the initial fund facilitates a lot, history proves that many wealthy and successful people didn’t come from inherited money, intact the majority of millionaires are self-made. Lack of money didn’t stop them from becoming wealthy and successful.

Your mindset is the only thing that is stopping you; some of the most famous and significant discoveries and exploits were accomplished without money. Change your attitude towards money, and your results with money may change as well.

“I don`t know how to do it”

Live and learn, never stop learning, every day is a lesson! This excuse is simply not on in the 21st century, with the Internet, open universities, free courses, and even YouTube tutorials. The fact that you are an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t learn new skills. Don’t believe the nonsense about an old dog and new tricks.  Dive in, start somewhere, take action and work your way up to expert status.

“I won`t achieve it”

Of course, you won’t – if you tell this to yourself, and we don’t mean the ‘put positive thoughts into the universe’ stuff, and you’ll achieve greatness; but even a child will tell you that this attitude is counter productive.  Whatever you BELIEVE you will become. So you must daily project thoughts and beliefs that will see you develop enough confidence to take action toward your goals.

“It is not a good time in my life”

When was or will be a good time? This excuse is so old, dinosaurs used it in the Jurassic period, they all are dead now, and so should be this notion. This very moment is the best time to start changing your life, not Monday, not next summer – right now.

“Bad government”

Inspirational stories of success never start with complaints and self-pity; they start with hard work and determination. This excuse shifts responsibility onto others, it is easier to blame someone else.

President changes, governments do as well, but nothing changes in the life of the person who waits for the world to beat a path to the door.

“I am out of luck”

If you believe in bad luck, then it exists in your head. If you believe in success in life, then the sky is the limit.

“It`s just fate”

Everyone is the architect of his or her own fortune. The universe does not have an evil plan to drag you down or ruin your life. If you don’t catch your luck – it is your decision. Fate has nothing to do with it. Your choice is based on fear and uncertainty. It’s hard to admit that you are afraid, easier – to blame your fate on every flop. However, the universe doesn`t care. Do you?

P.S. This is only a small part of the regular excuses unsuccessful people come up with, defending themselves, justifying their peace of mind and results. Being honest with yourself is the basis of success in any business. Be honest with yourself, and your life will start changing for the better in the most amazing way. Don`t forget to do the thing.

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