If you could choose any mentor in the world to help elevate any area of your life who would you choose? Would you choose someone with financial success or someone with an inspiring success story that defied the odds? Would you choose a coach, like Tony Robbins or would you prefer to shadow a financial genius like Warren Buffett?

There are so many successful people that it’s hard to choose one. Learn how each of these eight people could help mentor you and help change your life.


Who would you choose as your mentor and why?

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins would be an incredible mentor as he has achieved insane success. He went from a janitor to a best-selling author, performance coach, and philanthropist. His work has helped millions of people change their lives.

The great part is that Tony is very accessible. While not direct mentoring his seminars are available around the world. Attending one seminar could help you learn to:

  • Get into a peak state
  • Learn how to shape your future
  • Grow as a person so you can give more

With his mentorship, there is no doubt you could change your life forever.

Oprah Winfrey

Like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey has defied the odds to accomplish an amazing amount in her life, despite a very challenging early life. Not only is she one of the most respected women in the world she is also one of the wealthiest.

With her mentorship and inspiration, you would be able to learn what it takes to succeed when times are tough. No matter what your background is Oprah would have a solution and show you the path to success. Dubbed the “Queen of Media” she would help anyone looking to enter the entertainment world.

Bill Gates

Who wouldn’t want Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft to mentor you? While he does do some public speaking, Bill is a private individual. It is well known that Bill is a voracious reader and avid learner. He has said to spend two weeks at the end of each year on a “think” vacation.

Bill Gates would help mentor for your first entrepreneurial journey or philanthropic mission. He would challenge you to think differently and not be to challenge status quo.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Creator of Facebook and author of the successful book, Lean In. She would be an incredible mentor for anyone who needs some career motivation. As the first female board member of Facebook, she could help you make bold decisions and learn to trust yourself.

Elon Musk

When it comes to visionaries there might be no one who dreams on a bigger scale than Elon Musk. He is the billionaire founder of SpaceX and Tesla. If you have any idea that you want to bring to reality, Elon would be no doubt be your biggest resource.

If Elon was your mentor prepare to work hard and put in long hours. Sometimes he puts in 20 hours days and has slept on the Tesla factory floor, despite a 20 billion dollar net worth.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is the founder of Berkshire Hathaway and started his investing career at eight years old. He has studied the economy and stock market for the past 80 years. His expertise would be great for anyone in the financial sector.

At 87 years-old Warren still loves his work and could help show you how to do the same with your future. He is an avid believer in continued learning and always following your passion.

Gary Vee

While all the previous mentors are great, Gary Vee might be the most down to earth and relatable. Gary “crushed” his 20’s by working hard, learning the wine business, and starting a media company.

As a mentor, he would be very similar to Elon Musk. His work ethic is unparalleled and basically coined the term ‘side hustle’. Thankfully, he produces an enormous amount of free content to help motivate and inspire people worldwide.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger would be an amazing mentor as he accomplished so much in so many different areas of his life. He was a 7x Mr. Olympia champion, top-grossing actor, and former governor of California. As a mentor, he would show you what it takes to succeed in any area of life and overcome any odds.

Who would you choose to be your mentor? Why do you think they would help get you the results you want faster?

10 Responses

  1. michaela morgan

    bertrand russell. or carl jung the depth of their intellects, the scope of their compassion, their endless humanity . arnold schwarnegger? oprah winfrey? why are these people regarded as heroes? my oh my i wish we could bring back some of these old great dead men.

  2. michaela morgan

    what i think is that our modern heroes are representative of the poverty of our modern imagination and our ever increasing commitment to self aggrandizement and the accumulation of personal fortune. and the narcissistic focus of our lives. you can have oprah. with her billions she could well have wiped out hunger in at least one country. saved a species or three. gates? gates could find the cured for cancer. if money were all it took. hes working on alzheimers, i hear. is it because hes getting old?

  3. Nandi

    Definitely ALL of them. They do share the same story in terms of all them being successful but imagine being mentored by each of them and attaining the knowledge they all have in different circumstances. I believe they all have something valuable to teach. I think I’d be super powerful if I take from each of them. No story is any less inspiring or successful. So I’d go for all. PS – I’m such a huge fan from South Africa. An entrepreneur that constantly is willing to learn and try new things. More importantly trying to master what I’m currently doing. Hence my answer. Thank you. Love your page!


    Arnold Schwarzenegger as my mentor,the story of this legend inspires me a lot and make me follow my goals in a very good manner.He is a legend.Thank u Sir.

  5. Tanmay

    I’d choose Dr. Eric Thomas as my mentor. The energy he has and the passion he has inspires me. He is all about action. He never stops. He inspires me to feel the pain and keep going, take those hits and keep going. I learnt from him that I owe myself and I must choose Discipline over Feelings. Question:- How can I get things done? How can I do this….that…stuff…?
    ET – Just Dooooooo. I surely will meet this great guy one day.

  6. Kananelo

    I choose Oprah Winfrey because she not selfcenterd woman she could get out of her way just to for somebody to be successful in life that’s the most powerful thing she does which majurity rich focks don’t do to people’s lives,secondly I like her for my mentor because she is a very simple organised and turific disciplinirier and lot people have a lot of respect for her. I love and respect THE MAJESTIC OPRAH WINFREY:):*

  7. Paul Abrahams

    You’d be better off with a good psychiatrist or psychologist as a mentor.


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