How To Turn Self-Doubt Into Unbreakable Certainty To Achieve Better Results In Your Life

A new career. New relationships. Moving to a new city. Life can take turns without giving us enough time to prepare.

Little do we know that our primal brain is not well-built for change. It treats uncertainty as a potential threat.

Uncertainty can feel like fear. It is like stumbling upon a tiger in the jungle. This is why you want to run away from uncertainty.

But guess what?

You too can break through the veil of uncertainty and eliminate self-doubt. Here is how:

1. Change Your Focus To Eliminate Self-Doubt

If you are more focused on negative possibilities than positive outcomes, don’t be surprised if you have self-doubt. Negative thoughts create negative self-talk: “I am not enough”, “I failed in the past, I will never succeed, It could go wrong”.

Thoughts translate into actions: “I will never succeed” translates into inaction and apathy. Because when you don’t think you can succeed, why would you even try?

What is the catch here?

Your focus. You need to stop finding the reasons you will fail. Stop feeding your self-doubt.

Focus on why you can succeed and you’ll attract the resources you need to make it a reality.

2. Create A Vision That Pulls You

You have to think of the future. But this isn’t the same as daydreaming. You need to create a specific pathway to your dreams in your mind.

But why?

As the legendary military strategist and the author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu, said, “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” You have to win the battle first in your mind.

Feel how it would feel to achieve your goals. Imagine in rich detail. The more detailed and real, the better. The vision has to excite you and pull you toward it.

Because when your goals don’t matter to you, you have to push hard every moment. But when the vision pulls you, you enjoy the process.

How To Turn Self-Doubt Into Unbreakable Certainty To Achieve Better Results In Your Life

3. Make Real Decisions

A real decision is the one that is followed by action. When you make a real decision, you exercise your power as the creator of your life. You take back the power from your doubts.

A great way to make real decisions is to burn your boats. Cut off all other options that hinder your progress. For example, if your goal is to build a seven-figure business, you may enroll in a business coaching program and stop working for low-paying clients.

4. Work Hard, But Work Smart Too

Nothing works unless you do. Work hard but also work smart. How to work smart? Seek constant feedback from the experts in your field.

A great way to speed up your journey is modelling. Model the people who are already successful in your field. Find how they reached to that level. What resources did they use? What kind of habits did they form? Model their strategy.

5. Create Rituals To Have A Solid Foundation

Vision and strategy are for the future. But in the end, everything comes down to the present. The present is where your power lies. It’s the only thing you can influence. So create rituals to harness its power.

Tony Robbins says that your rituals form the standards at which you operate in life. Find what rituals are necessary to get you to your goals. Create rituals that keep you in a peak state throughout the day.

Some rituals work for everyone. Exercise in the morning. Express gratitude. Express love and appreciation for those around you.

6. Emotional Commitment Is The Fuel – Find Your Why

Brendon Burchard calls it “raising necessity”, Oprah calls it “finding your calling”, and Tony Robbins calls it “finding your purpose”. Whatever you call it, if you want true fulfillment and not just material achievement, then you need to know why your goals matter to you.

Tony Robbins asked himself a central question throughout his life: “What improves the quality of people’s lives?” And this is his ‘why’, his reason to be a life coach.

When you have found your why, working hard is no longer a burden, it feels right. It feels true to who you are. You are no longer negotiating your integrity and values just to survive and belong.

So take back your power from your doubts. With relentless focus and an emotionally fueled commitment toward your vision, you can face the proverbial tiger and create unbreakable certainty in life.

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