Living With Urgency – Get The Most Out Of Life

Many people are okay with living an average life. If you choose to set yourself apart from the masses you will have to resist the urge to seek comfort and focus on living with urgency. Truth be told, our time on this planet is finite, not a single person on this planet will live forever. You must construct your life with the knowledge that you will die someday in the front of your mind. Living with urgency is an absolute must if you plan on leaving any type of meaningful legacy behind.

Have you ever met anyone that is highly successful that does not live with urgency? Yeah, me neither.

Every day when you rise out of bed you are facing many opportunities that the universe will grant you the chance to capitalize on. These opportunities and the ability to capitalize on them will lead you to abundance. Getting better every day goes hand in hand with living with urgency. The moment is now, that is all that we truly control. If you are constantly contemplating the past, you are not controlling the current. If you concern yourself with the endless possibilities of the future, you can become consumed by this idea which in turn negatively affects your present and ultimately your future.

Living With Urgency - Get The Most Out Of Life

This very moment, you must act. You will never know what could have been until you start acting and living with urgency. We only have one life to live. I often ask myself, “Why would anyone choose to be common?” I personally have zero intentions of living a common life, therefore, I try to embrace all 86,400 seconds in the day. Once you live with urgency you will begin to realize the progress that you are seeking.

Distractions are abundant in 2018. You must filter them out of your life to keep yourself on the correct path to self-improvement. Between social media, television, the internet and other facets of your life, this can become quite a difficult task.

This is where living with urgency comes into play.

If you are adamant about living with urgency, you know that you do not have hours in the day to spare. You choose to live differently than those around you. Every minute is an opportunity, and you can choose to take advantage of that moment or squander it, in turn negatively affecting the outcome of your life. We are all going to expire someday, take advantage of the only moment in history that you currently have control of, this very moment!

Life on this planet has drastically changed over the last one hundred years. Living with urgency is a dying trait, this is because of how easy life has become on a mass scale. If you want to give yourself an edge and grab a hold of that lifestyle that you yearn for you will need to become a master of truly living with urgency. Remember, each day presents the opportunity to relentlessly hunt your goals. The beauty of choosing to live with urgency is that the only person that controls this is you!

Your future is in your hands, and you must take advantage of the present moment. Just keep in mind that every second that passes is opportunity slipping through your fingers unless you’re living with urgency. Take advantage of your time! The next moment that you recognize a distraction presenting itself, end it immediately. What you do with your time is undoubtedly a choice. Also, the outcome of your existence on this planet is the result of many choices throughout your life. Live with urgency, take advantage of your time, and hunt the life that you will truly enjoy!

7 Responses

  1. Hailee

    Absolutely love this article, tomorrow is never promised & too many people live like they have all the time in the world!

  2. Heather

    You inspire me to look inward and take account of my life. Love it!

  3. Bernz JP

    If you can handle the stress, I’d say go for it. I was talking with my sister about this topic over the weekend (Easter Sunday). She’s a successful banker, and she was telling me about many things that she’s accomplished on a given day. I guess it’s a good thing, but she also mentioned about the nights when she would have to take a sleeping aid to fall asleep.

    • Robert Strader

      I cannot say whether or not your sister does this considering that I have never met her but I see to curb this issue by going to the gym at around 4am before I start my day. The gym ramps up my production and makes me sleep like a baby at night.


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