Top 5 Books to Read on Your Path to Success

Books! Does anyone read today? That last question is a complete joke. Reading is something that I picked up later in life and I fell in love. The inspiration, education, and passion that has been added to my character from reading or listening to audio books, has enhanced my life in many ways today. The foundation for my journey to success is made up of five amazing books written by five amazing authors. We all need tools that will keep us on a path to success. These five books are great tools on your path to success and should always be accessible.

Top 5 Books to Read on Your Path to Success

1. The Deeper Side To Success…

The first book of the five is my absolute favorite and written by my favorite author. The book “Outliers” written by Malcolm Gladwell is the key to starting my journey to success. This book gives you a much different perspective on the outlier’s success story. Gladwell wrote the book for the reader to get better insight on the brightest, most famous, and most successful. He lets you know that the story that they tell or the story that is told about their life is much deeper than you are told.

Gladwell gives you an understanding of how chance and luck played a major part in an outlier becoming an outlier. I read this book and realized that putting in your 10,000 hours is the key to success, and that the key is put in the hands of an outlier by chance and luck. The book inspired me to put my 10,000 hours of practice into my passion for it to become a success. It takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a passion of your choice. Gladwell makes you understand that the generation you’re in, the location of your home, your parents, race, economic background, and a list of other things play a huge part in you becoming an outlier. – Top 5 Books For Success

2. Do You Give A F**k?

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k”, written by Mark Manson is my next choice on your journey to success. This book gives you a counterintuitive approach to living a good life. This book is for the person that needs a good swift kick in the ass. This kick is to let you know to live your life as you want and how not to let others influence how you approach your life. This is a book of “real-talk” and it holds no punches.

The book is filled with amazing and entertaining stories in combination with profane, ruthless humor. I read this book after “not giving a f**k “was already part of my character. This book gave me some great entertainment and reassurance of what I was practicing. Mark will help the person that likes feedback direct and to the point, without any sugar coating. I know most of us find ourselves caring more about others, than ourselves and this book will help you narrow it down to the things that really should matter in your life. – Top 5 Books For Success

Top 5 Books to Read on Your Path to Success

3. It Makes You ‘Think & Grow Rich’…

Think And Grow Rich”, written by Napoleon Hill. I am sure that most of the world has read this book or at least heard of it. The book was written in 1937 but has stood the test of time and is still relevant and life changing. Napoleon writes the book to show that desire, faith, and persistence can help one reach their goals if you suppress negative thoughts. I read this book and I realized how being positive and focusing on long-term goals helps eliminate negative thoughts. The title of the book tells you exactly what to expect when you sit down to read this classic material. – Top 5 Books For Success

Top 5 Books to Read on Your Path to Success

4. He’s One Of The Greatest Creators In History…

Steve Jobs” written by: Walter Isaacson. This book (biography) was written at the request of Jobs by Walter Isaacson. This book was an easy choice of mine based on my love for Apple products. I wanted to know the man that co-found a technology power house brand that I was attached to. I find all entrepreneurs greatly interesting, but Steve Jobs story has always been intriguing to me. This book gives you insight of a man that made the brand bigger than life and wasn’t the “creator” of the technology that was being sold. The biography gives inspiration and a great understanding of an innovative “mad-man”. The book is inspiring but entertaining as well. This book gave me the understanding that you don’t have to be the inventor of the product to make it your own and create wealth. – Top 5 Books For Success

5. It’s Someone YOU Know…

Now, this next book may be a shock to you, but this book is authored by YOU! Yes, the fifth book on this list is your life story. This book is something that has been collecting dust on your mental shelf . I first read the book that I wrote about myself at the age of thirty. I opened my book and realized that it was an original piece that could not be duplicated. The book was full of life lessons, failures, great moments, with joy and pain.

This book will help you the most on your journey to success because it gives you the tools and insight that is needed within you to move forward. This book has a chapter for your passion and how to get to your passion. There is a chapter on your failures and how they have given you wisdom and knowledge to be successful. There are also many pages in the book without writing. It is up to you to fill the rest of those pages with happiness, gratitude, understanding, knowledge, wisdom and ultimately success! This book should be passed down for family, friends, and everyone else to read after your final chapter.

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