What are you doing to make your life better in 2019?

Are you taking the necessary steps to 10X your life and business?

While I thought I was doing plenty in 2018, I realized I needed to find ways to accomplish more in 2019. I knew I was capable of being and doing more, both in business and in life.

After being hooked on personal development for the past few years, I wanted to take a new approach in 2019. Instead of attending more seminars or reading more books, I wanted to hire a high performance coach.

While I love attending seminars, sometimes a coach can really take your life or business to unparalleled heights.

I’m currently in a 3-month coaching program with a high performance coach and it’s been a transformational experience. He’s taught me more about the brain, productivity, and habits way more than any seminar or book.

I wanted to share these huge lessons with you so that you can get the benefit as well.

Who is Jim Fortin?

My coach, Jim Fortin, is a high-performance coach who’s taught subconscious persuasion and influence to thousands of elite professionals. He’s also been a master hypnotist, coached high-level CEO’s, and is a certified NLP practitioner.

Here are some of the biggest lessons that can help you move the needle in 2019.

7 Lessons from a High Performance Coach

1. Identity is Everything

If you look at the best personal development content, like Jim Rohn or Ed Mylett, they all talk about the importance of your identity. Sometimes referred to as self-image.

Jim stresses this point in all of his content for a reason. Very simply, you can’t outperform who you think you are aka, your identity.

If you think you’re someone who makes $100,000 per year, it’ll be incredibly difficult to make much more. If you think of yourself as an overweight person, it’s likely you will stay that way.

Identity is probably the reason you can’t seem to get out of your own way. It’s like trying to speed up with the emergency brakes on. 

Most of your beliefs are formed in your childhood years, especially the first 7-8 years. You’re programmed by family, friends, and society for what you are and how you should be in the world. Luckily, you can change your identity if it’s holding you back.

As Jim is an NLP practitioner and brain expert, he says the two ways to change your identity are through repetition and hypnosis. Once you change how you see yourself, you can change anything in your life that isn’t working.

You cannot outperform your self-identity. Jim Fortin quote fearless motivation coaching 7 Key Lessons From A High Performance Coach To Unlock Your Potential

2. Check Your Stories

Let me ask you.. What stories are you telling yourself on a daily basis? Do you ever slow down enough to actually listen to your own stories?

According to Psychology Today, up to 70% of human thoughts are negative. And 91% of your thoughts are the same as the day before! You can’t live an extraordinary life with negative mental chatter happening every single day.

One of the habits of high achievers is they have incredible self-awareness. They understand what’s going on in their head and can evaluate if it’s helping or hurting. Jim always says, “Get quiet and silence your mind.”

You can do this with a daily meditation practice and by being very intentional in your thinking. Like Tim Ferris found in his best-seller, Tools of Titans, 80% of high performers have some sort of daily mindfulness practice.

If you want to change your life, change what you’re saying to yourself on a daily basis!

7 Key Lessons From A High Performance Coach To Unlock Your Potential Jim Fortin Quote Coaching

3. 70% = DONE … 100% = FAILURE  

Let me ask…”Is perfectionism ruining your life?” One call with Jim and I realized my “perfectionism” was ruining my business.

In 2018 I struggled to wait until things were “perfect” before completing them. Subsequently, this led to procrastination and frustration as I couldn’t seem to get things done. 

My new motto is 70% done equals perfect. 100% done equals failure.

4. Time Management Creates High Performers

Do you ever wonder how some people make millions while others can barely pay the bills? Obviously, skills and education play their part, but a big component is time management. How you spend your days will determine if you reach your goals or not.

As Jim has worked alongside thousands of selling professionals and high-level entrepreneurs as a high performance coach, he explained this is one of the biggest factors of success.

Here’s how he recommends managing your time:

  • Use a productivity planner to map out your day in advance
  • Do the stuff that will move your life and business forward by 12 pm
  • Use the Pomodoro technique to work 25 minutes straight then take off 5 minutes

5. Master Sales and Persuasion

Jim Fortin has taught subconscious persuasion and influence for years to sales professionals and high-level entrepreneurs. Whether you’re running your own business or working for someone else, persuasion and sales should be your top priority.

If you can’t sell yourself or your product, you’re not going to succeed at high levels. Spend time learning new skills, going to events, and working on your sales skills.

This one skill could completely change your business or career, which will absolutely change your life.

6. Quit Caring About Judgment of Others

Jim is big on this and I think it’s a lesson everyone can learn from as well. Stop caring about what other people think about you! It’s not your job to make everyone like you.

As Winston Churchill said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Your goal in life shouldn’t be to live a life that makes others happy. It’s to live a life that makes you happy.

People are going to judge you either way. You might as well live a life that is true to yourself so you don’t end up with regret.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something. Winston Churchill quote coaching 7 Key Lessons From A High Performance Coach To Unlock Your Potential

7. Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

The final lesson I got from Jim was the importance of habits and how they shape your life. You are your habits, both the good ones and the bad ones.

If you want life to change, quit trying to make big changes. Instead, look at your daily habits and see which ones are setting you up for success and failure.

First we create our habits and then our habits create us. 7 Key Lessons From A High Performance Coach To Unlock Your Potential

Final Thoughts

To create lasting change in 2019, start working from the inside, not from the outside. Prior to working with Jim, I was always trying to do, do, do to create new results.

Instead of looking inside and asking, “Who was I being to create these results in my life.”  Before trying to do more, start asking yourself this one question: “Who I need to be to get the results that I want to achieve in my life?”

Never forget, everything you will ever need is already inside of you. Use these lessons from a high performance coach and remember, It’s up to you to take 100% responsibility and create the results you deserve.

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  1. Gazelle dela Pena

    Love this: If you want to change your life, change what you’re saying to yourself on a daily basis!

    This is so true. We don’t have to do something grand for us to be able to improve our lives. We just need to positively change our daily habits and our daily thinking, one tiny bit at a time.


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