Mind Power – Why is Failure Easier than Success?

If you’re reading this article because the headline grabbed you, it worked, but it might also reveal something about you. Is it because the concept of mind power interests you or are you looking for reasons why you’re failing at sometthing?

Only you can answer that question, but it’s one worth answering. If you are hoping to find out why failure is easier than success, perhaps you view yourself in the wrong way. If the headline was the other way around, would you have been as intrigued to read on?

The point is, most of us allow the negative to prevail, we let it dominate, it keeps the positive out of reach and we resign ourselves to not being good enough. Well you know what? That’s not good enough, because it doesn’t have to be.

Mind Power is Real

We all have a powerhouse within us that can be used to take us where we want to go, but most of us don’t tap into it. At best, we only scratch the surface with it and never realise our true potential. Our own mind power is incredibly strong – if we want it to be.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Law of Attraction and how it can transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. Focus on what you want, believe you can have it, meditate on it, visualise it, repeat affirmations, etc, and it’ll arrive. Well sorry to tell you, mostly it won’t.

When it doesn’t seem to work for us we become sceptical or worse, feel bad about failing – again. That old vicious circle that keeps reinforcing itself, becoming our norm. Is it possible you’re taking the easy way out? When you fail at something, it can be convenient because there’s no need to make any changes. You can stay in your comfort zone of failing and say to the world, “See, I’m no good at this stuff so I’ll just keep on doing what I do”.

What you’re really doing, is reaffirming a belief you have about yourself, which probably wasn’t planted by you, but you’re using the power of your mind to confirm that the belief is correct. Don’t worry, you’re not trapped, but you will have to change how you use the power of the mind and thoughts, in order to change.

Power of Your Subconscious Mind

If you really want to make the magic happen, you first have to understand, there is no magic to this, the only magic wand is you. Your subconscious mind has been programmed from an early age with thoughts and beliefs from other people such as parents or teachers, which now make up your persona. It guides you, protects you and often, it restricts you.

It isn’t easy to change your beliefs which have been ingrained into your subconscious. The odd thing is, although it controls you, it endeavours to carry out any instructions you give to it. That may sound contradictory, but it is the nerve centre of your very being and will do its best to deliver what your conscious mind tells it. That’s why you need to be careful and keep a check on what your conscious mind is thinking in the here and now.

When your conscious mind just repeats an inner belief from the subconscious, it’ll get strengthened and that can be a bad thing, but so easy to let happen. For example, if you say that you’ve always been useless at remembering people’s names, guess what, you’ll never remember names. Your conscious is reaffirming back to the subconscious. Now, perhaps you can see how this mind power technique might be used to change deep rooted beliefs into what you want them to be.

There’s Nothing More Powerful Than A Human Being With Purpose:

Don’t Start with Subconscious Mind Exercises

The route to making changes doesn’t begin with going after what you want, because it’s unlikely to work. Subconscious mind exercises will be important, but only after you know exactly what you want and why you want it. This is often known as finding your “why?” – knowing why you want something.

It’s actually more than knowing why, it’s being aware of why you must or why you have to do something. There has to be a passion, an absolute unwavering desire for this, almost as if your very existence depends on it. That’s how important it must be to you.

Once you know that, you can start working on becoming the person you have to be, in order to attract what you want. There’s nothing spooky about this, if you don’t have much money and that’s your way of life, before you can attract wealth, you must change your beliefs about abundance.

Use subconscious mind exercises such as, visualisation, affirmations etc, to work on your beliefs. Once they are aligned with your desires, you’ll be able to start working on getting what you want. When your mindset has changed, you’ll begin to take the right kind of actions which lead to your goals.

It’s Down to You

You’ve heard the expression, “change yourself and you change your world” and it’s so true. Still using money as an example, if you work on believing it’s something you can have rather than something you never have, you’ll come to look at it differently. For example, rather than spending everything you earn each month, you might start to put a little bit aside to save for something.

It’s these little positive actions that will start the ball rolling towards changing your inner beliefs, so you become the person who can naturally attract what you want. You see, the Law of Attraction isn’t magic, it comes from within you. You, your beliefs and the actions you take, will put you where you need to be, to bring your desires into reality. Yes, failure is easy, but success can be too. Now that is mind power!

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