7 Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Productivity

It is not always easy to maintain high productivity throughout the working day. If you spend 8-12 hours a day at work and still do not complete as many tasks as you have planned, you must surely be slacking off. You start each day with a plan to get a particular amount of work done. But soon, you find yourself easily distracted. You focus on low-priority tasks, keep procrastinating, and end up wasting most of your time. By the end of the day, you notice work piled on for the next day because you didn’t finish everything as planned. Here are a few ways you can stay focused and get the most out of your day.

1. Start With A Realistic Plan For The Day – Boost Productivity

The night before, sit down and write down a plan for the upcoming day. Do not set unrealistic goals that are impossible to finish in a day. Stick to the plan you’ve made to remain focused throughout the day. Organize the various tasks that need to be done, and prioritize the most important ones. If your everyday schedule has a proper structure, you won’t be distracted easily and waste time. Prepare daily, weekly, and other long-term plans. This organized way of work will not only reduce stress but also boost your productivity.

7 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

2. Seek New Projects/Tasks – Boost Productivity

If you end up doing the same thing every day, you are bound to get bored, which will affect your productivity. Seek out new tasks that let you think differently and innovatively. This will help you stay active and lively the entire day. When you do something new, it excites you and manages to grab your attention for a long time. And this results in increased productivity. Look for needs in other departments or spend time learning something new from a colleague. Find ways in which you can contribute to the growth of others. It will benefit the company, and you get to learn something new as well.

3. Disconnect During Professional Time – Boost Productivity

One of the most common reasons people are often distracted during work is that they are preoccupied with personal issues. Don’t mix your personal and professional lives. Learn to disconnect when you’re working. Otherwise, it will be difficult to concentrate and focus on the tasks at hand. The same applies to your personal life – don’t your take work home with you. Try to leave it at the office. Use your time to relax and spend time with your family. If needed, turn all electronic devices off because they can be very distracting. Keeping your phone out of reach can give you more time to focus on work.

7 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

4. Take A Break When Needed – Boost Productivity

When you know that your brain is not functioning after a while, it means you have overexerted yourself, and you could use a break. Stand and take a stroll around the office or have a cup of coffee. You can step out for a short break or take a walk. This little power break can help you get back to work fully recharged. Don’t push yourself to keep working even when you are not able to get enough done, and your pace has slowed down drastically. Instead, use that time to refresh yourself and you will come back stronger.

5. Set A Time For Every Task – Boost Productivity

Now that you have a plan for the day, set a deadline by which each task needs to be completed. Giving yourself a deadline can put a bit of pressure on you, which can help you get maximum things done. Set a leaving time every day, so you know by when you should get all things done. And if you do finish all the tasks set for the day and have some extra time on your hands, stay back and complete a few tasks set for the next day too. This way, you have some extra time to do something innovative the next day. This strategy can promise maximum productivity.

7 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

6. Make Sure You Are Well Rested And Fed – Boost Productivity

To get the most out of your working day, you need to keep your hunger and fatigue in check. Maintaining a good diet, keeping yourself hydrated, and getting a good night’s sleep the previous day are a few things that impact your productivity. How do you expect to get any work done if you are constantly snacking or dozing off at your desk? When your body is distracted, your mind cannot concentrate on the task at hand. Use your “me time” properly. Spend it looking after yourself and indulging in activities that keep you happy. This way, you can get back to work well rested and with a clear head.

7. Reward Yourself For Your Work – Boost Productivity

Finally, don’t wait for someone else to acknowledge and reward you for your work. You can do that yourself. Your work impacts your mood, and if you are doing a good job, it will impact your life positively. To keep that up, you must reward yourself. Because you deserve it. This will help you stay motivated to work even harder the next time. Give yourself little rewards – like a dinner treat, a manicure, a spa session, or a shopping spree. Do not neglect your needs or you will never feel fulfilled.

These are a few ways in which you can stay focused and motivated throughout your working day. It may sound boring, but it necessarily doesn’t have to be. You can make it as interesting and intriguing as you wish to. So, go on, and see how productive can you be tomorrow?



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